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Horler pictures part three

Pictures of people and places connected with the Horler side of my family. See also Talbot for some common links.

Click for a larger image of Matthias Tremeer Horler 1872-1953

Matthias Tremeer Horler 1872-1953

My great grandfather Matthias Tremeer Horler in about 1940 in his Home Guard uniform. He was in charge of the Croscombe village Home Guard until October 1942 when he reached the upper age limit when he was presented with an arm-chair on his retirement by those who served under him. He had two previous periods of service in the regular forces. 1889-1899 he was in the Royal Marine Light Infantry and 1914-1918 when he served in the Navy and was mentioned in despatches for gallant service. There us a story that he refused to retreat when he did so, against orders, and continued firing his field gun at the enemy. he later destroyed the gun and got back behind friendly lines and avoided being court marshall by claiming that he was in the Navy whilst those who ordered him to retreat were Army.

Click for a larger image of Bridge Street, Frome, Somerset

Bridge Street, Frome, Somerset

My great grandfather Matthias was living at number 3 (which is the pointed corner building) when he died in 1953. Their daughter Rose was married to Fred Strange who had a shoe shop here. Matthias and Minnie were buried back in Mells, in the village of his birth and his ancestors (Horler or Horner? - see documents!).

Click for a larger image of Harry Horler

Harry Horler

My grandfather. In his bare knuckle boxing days when he felt he could take on the world! He later became a special Policeman and the stories are that few stood up to Harry and he could turf a drunkard out of a pub by picking them up by the belt and collar and throwing them out onto the street.

Click for a larger image of Harry Horler and my sister and I

Harry Horler and my sister and I

My grandfather, sister and I pictured at his wedding anniversary at Crocked Hat in East Knoyle.

Click for a larger image of Hartmoor, Underhill, East Knoyle

Hartmoor, Underhill, East Knoyle

Another picture of our grandparents former home in East Knoyle. Probably taken late 1970's this shows part of Grandad's fabulous vegetable garden. There was a small lawn and flowers but it was mainly land used for veg. The age of the old farm building was evident by the old clay pipes that we used to collect from the garden.

Click for a larger image of William Taylor Say and Mary Say grave

William Taylor Say and Mary Say grave

The grave on the right in Croscombe churchyard is that of my great x 3 grandfather William Taylor Say who died in 1860. The grave on the left is that of his wife Mary (nee Hart) who died 1883. The grave in the middle behind is that of their son Robert (see other pictures).

Click for a larger image of Matthias Horler

Matthias Horler

Pictured in the 'Great War' in the Royal Marine Light Infantry is my great grandfather Matthias. Back row standing second from the far right.

Click for a larger image of Mill Paddock, Long Street, Croscombe, Somerset

Mill Paddock, Long Street, Croscombe, Somerset

My great x2 grandparents Robert and Harriet Say lived here in the early 20th century till their deaths in 1924/5. Then Matthias and Minnie Jane Horler (nee Say) lived there (having previously been at Fortnight Farm, Combe Hay) with Minnie's sister Thurza Say. We don't know when Robert Say and his wife started living here as he may have lived at the Old Forge some time whilst he was a blacksmith (1871- 1891). Thurza was apparently well over 6 feet tall and remained a spinster till she died.

Click for a larger image of Matthias and Minnie Horler

Matthias and Minnie Horler

Probably pictured at Fortnight Farm at Combe Hay in Somerset in the 1930's are Matthias and Minnie Horler, my great grandparents.

Click for a larger image of Harriet Say (nee Rhymes) 1840-1925

Harriet Say (nee Rhymes) 1840-1925

My great x2 grandmother. probably taken at Croscombe in about 1918. She is remembered as one of those who fought the way wardens in the 19th century and saved the ancient cross in the middle of the village, see related documents.

Click for a larger image of Minnie Jane Say 1870-1962

Minnie Jane Say 1870-1962

My great grandmother Minnie, who later became a Horler, probably taken in the 1890s in her 20's.