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Wareham pics part two

More pictures of people and places associated with the Wareham family. See also Hiscock pictures for some family members.

Click for a larger image of Reginald Wareham

Reginald Wareham

Reg pictured in what I believe is his uniform whilst with the North Staff Regiment in World War 2. Reg was at Dunkirk and was a despatch rider. He later became a Military Policeman.

Click for a larger image of Coombe House, Near Shaftesbury, Wiltshire

Coombe House, Near Shaftesbury, Wiltshire

Coombe House was where Walter Wareham worked as gardener/groundsman from the late 1890's until the early 1940's. It was built as a private residence by Mark Hanbury Beaufoy, then became a hotel in the 1930's, was a rest home for US bomber crews in WW2, became a convent after the war and is now St Mary's Girls School. A friend of my dad's, Fred King, is funnily enough the current groundsman at the school today and has been for a few years now.

Click for a larger image of Margaret (or May) Wareham

Margaret (or May) Wareham

My great aunt May Wareham. She was born in 1904.

Click for a larger image of Dorothea Caroline Wareham

Dorothea Caroline Wareham

Great aunt Dorothy Wareham. She married Fred Hiscock (brother of my grandmother Violet). Basically a Wareham brother and sister married a Hiscock brother and sister.

Click for a larger image of Florence Rose Wareham

Florence Rose Wareham

Great aunt Flory Wareham, pictured on Castle Hill, Shaftesbury. She was born in 1907.

Click for a larger image of Gold Hill, Shaftesbury

Gold Hill, Shaftesbury

This is the famous Gold Hill in Shaftesbury. Yes it is down south and not up north as in the advert! It is a view that would have been familiar to generations of Wareham family ancestors from Shaftesbury and St James. I used to deliver papers down this street and used to drink at the Two Brewers pub at the bottom in my early drinking days.

Click for a larger image of Shroton village in about 1900

Shroton village in about 1900

This view shows the village stores and main street in about 1900. Although my great grandfather Walter was probably living near Shaftesbury by this time and his parents George and Jane were deceased this view of the village and people was probably how Walter would have know it. Walter and his parents were still in Shroton in at least 1891 and I believe he returned to the village from time to time, especially at Fair time, to visit friends and family for many years.

Click for a larger image of Coombe House c.1900

Coombe House c.1900

Thanks to Pam at St Mary's School, Shaftesbury Museum and Brenda for helping to trace down a copy of this photo. It was also published in 'Dorset Life' magazine 1974 (no 37) and apparently shows Mark Hanbury Beaufoy, friends and staff at his residence at Coombe House in about 1900. My great grandfather Walter George Wareham will almost certainly have been in this photo as he was working at Coombe by the 1901 census. However he is not identified on the key to this photo I have which gives names to a small number of people in the photo. Neither can his one surviving daughter, now well over 80 years old, recognise him.

Click for a larger image of Sidney Wareham's grave in Shaftesbury

Sidney Wareham's grave in Shaftesbury

This is my grandfather's grave in Mampitts Road Cemetery. He is buried not far from my nan. Also now buried in this cemetery are his brother Walter and children Alec, Don and Pam.

Click for a larger image of 13 Christy's Lane, Shaftesbury

13 Christy's Lane, Shaftesbury

This is the former Council house in which a generation of Warehams were raised. Sidney and Violet Wareham moved here with their family after he'd completed his war service (see documents) in 1946. My dad was raised here from 1947 until he met my mother in 1969. Both Sidney and Violet lived here until they divorced in 1971 and Violet lived here until she died in 1983. The house then became home to one of my uncles until the 1990's when his family moved just round the corner. The house has changed rather since the Warehams lived in it as there was no drive at the front, it was just grass, and there was a nice thick hedge at the front which helped keep some privacy of the house from the busy road. I have recently discovered that the local council in fact made at least two attempts to kick my grandparents out of the house. First in 1947 when they had a lodger against the terms of their tenancy agreement (I think a man called Dolley who was Sidney's friend) and in 1950 due to arrears of rent. Thankfully both matters were resolved without the family being evicted.

Click for a larger image of Kathleen and Frank Wareham

Kathleen and Frank Wareham

Great aunt Kathleen and great uncle Frank Wareham, pictured in their childhood probably at Coombe.

Click for a larger image of The Cross, Shroton, Dorset

The Cross, Shroton, Dorset

Another photo of the cottages in the cross area of the village (see also page one of Wareham pictures). The cottages on the corner on the right of this picture are called 'Cross Cottage'. George and Jane Wareham (great x2 grandparents) are recorded as living at Cross Cottages in 1891. Are these the buildings? Seems very likely. If not they are the ones on the left (one of which is the Old Bakery).