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Blachford family page 2

Page two of pictures associated with the Blachford family branch.

Click for a larger image of Former Sandhill Manor House

Former Sandhill Manor House

This is a picture of me outside of the old front entrance to the former Sandhill Manor house. This is now the rear of Forres Sandle Manor School near Fordingbridge. The central section of this building is still the original, possibly Elizabethan. The entranceway is claimed to be Jacobean and would have looked the same when my ancestors lived here. The rest of the enlarged building follows the same style but is either additions or rebuilt. Inside I think that the only original part of the building is a wooden staircase.

Click for a larger image of Carolinian coin

Carolinian coin

This is a coin found in the grounds of the former Sandhill Manor and was minted at the start of the restored reign of King Charles II. As Robert Blachford held the manor till his death in 1670 it is quite possible that he once owned and held this coin.

Click for a larger image of Sandhill Manor, near Fordingbridge

Sandhill Manor, near Fordingbridge

This is a sketch of the old Sandhill Manor as it probably looked in the 16th and into the early 17th century. I don't know where the sketch is from or when it was produced but it was kindly shared with my be Forres Sandle Manor school.

Click for a larger image of Will of Robert Blachford 1670

Will of Robert Blachford 1670

This is the signature and seal of Robert Blachford on his will of 1670, from Hampshire Archives. As Robert was sick at the time the will was made the signature he made is just a shaky mark in what looks to be the shape of an 'R'.

Click for a larger image of 1646 Indenture

1646 Indenture

This is the signature of Robert Blachford on an indenture dealing with his Manor of Sandhill in March 1646. The indenture refers to his upcoming marriage to Elizabeth Wright which occured in March 1647 in Ellingham, Hampshire. Robert had been a Royalist in the civil war of 1642-1645.

Click for a larger image of 1646 Indenture

1646 Indenture

The signatures of Robert Waterton and Eleanor Cesar on the same indenture referred to above. Robert held the manor at this time but when he died in 1648 he passed it to his daughter Eleanor who in turn when she died passed the manor to her son Robert Blachford.