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Update March 07

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Wareham pictures page three

Pictures of people and places connected to the Wareham family. Also refer to Hiscock link for some associated pictures.

Click for a larger image of Wareham Grave, Shroton, Dorset

Wareham Grave, Shroton, Dorset

This is the memorial to three of my great grandfather's (Walter George) siblings. His brother George Russell Wareham who died 1864 age 14 of typhus, and sisters Emma who died 1880 age 14 and Ellen Louisa died 1876 age 17. It must have been awful for the family to lose children at such ages in the era prior to modern health services. At least one other of the 11 brothers and sisters died in infancy. There are other Wareham memorials still standing in the Shroton churchyard but I cannot identify any others in the direct ancestral line although others are buried here.

Click for a larger image of Shroton Fair, Dorset c 1900

Shroton Fair, Dorset c 1900

This is a picture of the Shroton Fair taken at the turn of the century. It was held on the old showground to the north of the village and was a major event for decades in the area. It was held in September and I know that my great grandfather, Walter, used to return to the village at fair time each year and it is sure that previous generations of Wareham's enjoyed the event. At least one of my ancestors was, I believe with very good foundations, a gypsy and who may well have been connected to the fair or the large gypsy community of the Cranborne Chase. Indeed our family name should be Small and not Wareham on the basis of this gypsy ancestry. This picture is supplied courtesy of Blandford Museum in Dorset. To get a copy please contact the museum and they will send one for a very small charge.

Click for a larger image of Old Workhouse, Shroton

Old Workhouse, Shroton

Acording to another family historian (William Skyvington) the land shown on the right here which is now devoid of a building used to contain the old workhouse at Iwerne Courtney. It is on the main street and you can see the Cross in the background. My ancestors George and Jane Wareham lived in the old workhouse building in 1871. My great grandfather Walter was a child of 5 when they lived here. George was a road labourer. I don't think this was a traditional 'workhou se' where families were often separated and were made to work in the building. More likely it was a village poorhouse which provided accommodation for poor people and provided by the parish poor overseers, a form of old council house I guess, but not so good. By 1881 George and his family had moved to accommodation nearer the Cross.

Click for a larger image of Holy Trinity, Shaftesbury

Holy Trinity, Shaftesbury

Holy Trinity parish in Shaftesbury is connected to a number of ancestors on my Wareham and Hiscock lines. This current church building was built in 1842 on the site of the older one. The most recent ancestral connection being a burial of Thomas Foot here in 1848 (see Hiscock ancestry). On the Wareham side there are connections to the families Brine, Case, Lodge, Lush, Stainer and others.

Click for a larger image of George and Frank Wareham

George and Frank Wareham

Pictured in the far east late in the war are George, back row 2nd from the left and Frank on the right.

Click for a larger image of Kathleen Wareham

Kathleen Wareham

Great aunt Kathleen Wareham. Pictured in the old Peaches sweet shop (which later became Hardings) in the High Street, Shaftesbury where she worked for years.

Click for a larger image of Reg Wareham

Reg Wareham

Great uncle Reg Wareham. Pictured in his late teens before the war.

Click for a larger image of Rose Cottage, West Harnham, Salisbury

Rose Cottage, West Harnham, Salisbury

My great x 2 grandparents, Richard and Sarah Stainer, were living here in 1916 when Sarah died. Richard was working as a 'cowman' at the time, probably looking after cattle on the watermeadows.