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Update March 07

Wareham family

Wareham tree

Wareham pics one

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Wareham pics three

Wareham pics four

Blachford pictures

Blachford pics 2

Dodington pictures

Hiscock family

Hiscock tree

Hiscock pictures

Hiscocks pics two

Hiscock pics three

Hiscocks pics four

Horler family

Horler tree

Horler pictures

Horler pics two

Horler pics three

Horler pics four

Horler pics five

Talbot family

Talbot tree

Talbot pictures

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The Dorset Clubmen

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I have traced at least one of my ancestors who would have been in Shroton in 1645 when Cromwell supressed the Clubmen on Hambledon Hill.

Say family crest and name

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Historical background of the Say surname.

Somerset coalfield

click here
Description of the pits in the old Somerset coalfield.

Wiltshire Moonrakers

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I live in moonraker land myself at present as have many ancestors before me. This dialect poem tells the tale of where 'moonraker' comes from.

Croscombe in Somerset

click here
Brief history of Croscombe village which is on the edge of the Mendip hills and where the Somerset branch of my family have many connections..

Croscombe photos

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See the photos page of this pub's website for some interesting historical photos of the village. My great grandfather used to play his accordian in this pub!

Wareham family crest

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Coat of arms attributed to the Wareham name. This crest was that held by the Archbishop Warham but I would not actually claim ownership for our family.

Dirrick poem

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A poem written by Horler ancestor Edmund Dirrick about a relative an lead miner John Dirrick who died in 1704 and the effects of lead mining in Somerset. Possibly the first British reference to such an occupational disease.

Haskolls - International Society

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Society dedicated to the history of the Haskoll (or Haskell) family which apparently can be traced back to Anglo-Saxon days and the 'housecarls'.

Kelly - history of the family name

click here
Information on the history of the Kelly name which was that of my paternal great grandmother. It suggests a little bit of Irish blood in our family history but not before 1770.

Family Forest

click here
A fantastic website containing information about the ancestry of James and Susannah Tapper in particular the story of Richard Blachford of Dorchester.