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Update March 07

Wareham family

Wareham tree

Wareham pics one

Wareham pics two

Wareham pics three

Wareham pics four

Blachford pictures

Blachford pics 2

Dodington pictures

Hiscock family

Hiscock tree

Hiscock pictures

Hiscocks pics two

Hiscock pics three

Hiscocks pics four

Horler family

Horler tree

Horler pictures

Horler pics two

Horler pics three

Horler pics four

Horler pics five

Talbot family

Talbot tree

Talbot pictures

Talbot pics two

Talbot pics three

Interesting lines

Surnames list

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Docs Eng Civil War


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Related documents page 2

Documents related to family history.

Mathias Horler & the 22nd Foot Regiment

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My great x grandfather's service with the Cheshires 1841-62.

In Memorium - F & W Harris and RWG Stainer

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Memorial to relatives who died in the services in the early 20th century (Wareham & Hiscock lines).

The life and ancestry of Francis Rogers Hiscock

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The life and ancestry of FR Hiscock of Farnham and Stour Provost in Dorset (Hiscock line).

Our Family's Rich Heritage

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The story of some fascinating medieval noble lines (Wareham family).