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Update March 07

Wareham family

Wareham tree

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Blachford pictures

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Dodington pictures

Hiscock family

Hiscock tree

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Horler family

Horler tree

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Talbot family

Talbot tree

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Related documents and information

Documents (essays) related to various ancestors or ancestral lines. All in pdf for which acrobat reader is required.

Handley Swing Riot of 1830 (Hiscock line)

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Description of the Swing Riot on Cranborne Chase in 1830.

Origins of the Wareham surname

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I speculate on the origins of the Warehams surname.

A Mendips Poem (Horler line)

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An extract from a poem about the Mendips in Somerset.

The Fonthill (Fonthill Gifford) Election of 1992

click here
Story of my standing in a Council by-election and subequent family history discoveries (Hiscock).

A Small Matter of Paternal Ancestry

click here
Small family heritage of the Warehams - Shroton (Dorset) Warminster (Wilts) Poulner Ringwood (Hants

The Battle of Croscombe Cross in Somerset

click here
The story of the fight to save the village cross in the 19th C & my ancestors (Talbot & Horler).

John Maundrell - Protestant Martyr (1520-1556)

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Horler line - ancestral link to the Marian Martyr from Keevil in Wiltshire.

My grandfather's war story 1940-1946

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Sidney Wareham's war service with the RAF 1940 to 1946

Francis Newport of Baltonsborough in Somerset

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Story of an ancestor's (Talbot line) involvement in the Napoleonic wars in the Peninsula 1808-14.