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Update March 07

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Talbot family tree

Below is a link to information on the Talbot family lines. The first document is the family history information (pdf acrobat reader required) of my grandmother Hebe Talbot of Somerset. Then there is the family tree picture of her father William Talbot of Croscombe and her mother Emma Jane Talbot. That is followed by the family tree of Emma's great grandmother Grace Connock (see also under 'English Civil War documents' for information about Grace Connock's ancestry). The dates shown are those when the tree pictures were printed and so they are correct according to the research as at that time.

Talbot family history info

Click here
The family history of my grandmother Hebe Talbot of Somerset

William Talbot's family tree - 20/1/14

Click here
Family tree of Hebe Talbot's father William of Croscombe.

Emily Newport's family tree pic - 20/1/14

Click here
Family tree of Hebe Talbot's mother Emma Newport.