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Horler pictures page five

More Horler family pictures

Click for a larger image of Minnie Horler (nee Say)

Minnie Horler (nee Say)

Picture of my great grandmother taken in about 1910 with her son George on her lap.

Click for a larger image of St Bartholemew, Ubley, Somerset

St Bartholemew, Ubley, Somerset

Taken by my first cousin once removed Brian and his wife Virginia Horler (as was the picture of churches below) this picture shows Ubley Church in Somerset. The Church has connections with the Dirrick family and my great x 8 grandfather Edmund Dirrick (1640-1713) was parish clerk here as was his son Richard. Edmund wrote some vivid accounts in the parish registers of some extreme hardships faced during the winters of 1683 and 1709. Also buried in the churchyard is great x 8 grandfather James Dirrick who was a Mendips miner and who suffered from ill health as a result of his occupation (see links page for a poem about his death). The church also has connections with my Talbot ancestry and the Carver family from 1790 back to before 1650. Great x 6 grandfather John Carver was an overseer of the poor of the parish in 1787 and his grandfather John was a yeoman farmer and churchwarden.

Click for a larger image of Church of St Magdalene, Ditcheat, Somerset

Church of St Magdalene, Ditcheat, Somerset

This Church has connections with my Horler family line through Rimes (Rhymes) family who were baptised, married and buried here from 1761 back to the limit of parish registers in the mid 16th century. Then through that family are offshoots of the Coward, Wade and Maby families.

Click for a larger image of Church of the Holy Cross, Seend, Wiltshire

Church of the Holy Cross, Seend, Wiltshire

This church has connections with the Horler family line for many generations through my great x 3 grandmother Mary Ann Say (nee Hart) who was baptised here in 1807, back to John Hart who was buried here in 1559. Then offshoots of that family line of the Jefferies family of Seend and Keevil before that (see link to the Maundrells of Keevil on the documents page).

Click for a larger image of Church of St Mary the Virgin, Bishops Cannings

Church of St Mary the Virgin, Bishops Cannings

This church in Wiltshire has connections to the Horlers through great x8 grandmother Susannah Moore (nee Drew). Her ancestors back to her great grandfather were baptised, married and buried here back to about 1600. They lived at nearby Horton and appear to have been shepherds on the downs. Through the Drews of Horton we think that there may be a connection to the Drews of Southbroome House at Devizes in that neighboruing parish, see Drew spreadsheet under 'trees'. One other connection is actually on my dad's Hiscock family line. My great x 8 grandfather Robert Hall of Gillingham in Dorset was buried here in 1673 after having been found dead on the downs of Horton. there is no further detail about the cause of death but other burials refer to deaths on the downs caused by the weather conditions. there is also no indication about what Robert was doing so far from home and on the downs, but one must assume he was travelling rather than working there as the Halls remained in Gillingham.

Click for a larger image of St Stephens by Saltash, Cornwall

St Stephens by Saltash, Cornwall

This church near Plymouth is connected with the Horlers through my great x3 grandfather Joseph Tremeer who was married here in 1820 as was his father Richard in 1792. Through the Tremeers are connections through the Taylor family of the parish and the Steer family.