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Horler pictures part two

Pictures of people and places associated with the Horler branch of my family. Also see Talbot pictures for some common pictures.

The Cross, Croscombe

The is the ancient stone cross in the centre of the village. My great x 2 grandmother Harriet Say 'fought' alongside other villagers in the 1870's when way- wardens came to destroy it. The villagers were successful although the cross was damaged. When it was rebuilt in later years a bottle was laid in the foundations which contained the names of the ringleaders of the battle of which Harriet was one.

Say sisters, and Grace Horler ?

I thought this was Minnie Horler (nee Say) my great grandmother and her two sisters Lucy Harriet Say and Thurza Say. However I am led to believe that only Thurza and Minnie lived to adulthood and that this is probably Grace Horler (Bob Horler's wife) in the middle.

Wells St Cuthbert, Somerset

My grandfather's funeral service took place here and he used to be a bellringer when he lived in nearby Dinder. Other ancestral connections - 1750 marriage of great x 6 grandparents George Say and Sarah Bath of Ubley and 1721 marriage of great x 7 grandparents John Bath of Ubley and Mary Allen of Chew Stoke.

Emma Patience and Thomas Horler c 1930

This elderly seated lady is my great great grandmother Emma Patience Horler (nee Tremeer) and the man standing behind her is her son Thomas Horler who was a sergeant- major in WW1 (see photo below). The other woman is Dora Short, daughter of Frederick Short and Annie Louisa (nee Horler) who would be Emma's granddaughter.

Horlers c 1916

Horler children. Back row are (left to right) Robert and George Horler, middle left is my grandfather Harry Horler next to his sister Hettie and in front is sister Rose.

Horlers c 1917

Left to right are Hettie Horler, my great grandmother Minnie Jane Horler (nee Say), my grandfather Harry Horler and Rose.

Horlers c 1918

Back row are George and Robert Horler. Middle left to right are Hettie, my great grandparents Matthias Tremeer Horler in uniform and wife Minnie and Rose. The boy at the front is my grandfather Harry.

Horlers in World War 1

A part of an article on the fighting men of Bath in the 'Great War' from the Bath Chronicle with my great grandfather Matthias Tremeer Horler in the middle and next to him are on the left his brother Thomas and on the right his brother Frederick.

Duckery Lodge, Mells, Somerset

Matthias and Emma Horler and family were living here when the 1881 census was taken.

Stone Ash Farm, Mells, Somerset

Thomas Horler, junior, and wife Susan (nee Bodie) were living at this farm when censuses were taken between 1861 and 1881. Before that his father Thomas was farming here when tithe apportionments were assessed in 1841 and at the time of the 1851 census.

Mathias Horler's medal

This is Mathias Horler's (my great x3 grandfather) medal that was awarded to him for the Battles of Meanee and Hyderabad in India with the 22nd Foot Regiment in the Scinde campaign under Sir Charles Napier in 1843 - see links for further information. See also the documents page for speculation about Mathias' ancestry (Horler or Horner).

Mathias Horler's pocket watch

Picture of Mathias Horler's pocket watch presented to him by fellow sergeants of the 22nd regiment. Mathias was discharged from the service in 1862 after serving over 21 years and he was 39 years old. He died in 1887.

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