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Horler pictures page four

More Horler family pictures

Netheravon Church, Wiltshire

The Horlers have connections with this church through the Hart/Jole to Herne family. The Herne line stretches from about 1750 back to the limit of parish registers in the late 16th century.

Herne memorial, Netheravon

At least one branch of the Herne family became wealthy and gained the status of 'gentry'. Thomas and his brother Daniel both became Esquires and came from the same family that my Herne ancestors descend from. They made their money in drapery and must have been granted a family coat of arms.

Figheldean, Wiltshire

The Jole (or Jowles) family ancestors (who come through the Hart line) had connections with this village and this church from the earliest records in the late 16th century through to late 18th century (although there appears to have been a gap in the early 17th). The Joles were yeoman farmers but I cannot identify where exactly they farmed at this time.

Harry Horler

My grandfather. In about 1990. Coming out of the back garden shed at his home at St Cuthbert's Avenue in Wells.

Matthias and Minnie Horler

The memorial of my great grandparents Matthias and Minnie (nee Say) Horler in Mells churchyard. Matthias died in 1953 and Minnie in 1962.

Matthias and Minnie Horler

Another view but this time showing it's relation to the church. The grave is bottom right.

Thomas and Grace Horler

The memorial in Mells chuchyard of my great x4 grandparents Thomas and Grace Horler. Assuming that is that it was their son Thomas who was my great x3 grandfather and father of Matthias, rather than one of the Horner family as a rumour would suggest (se under documents). Thomas died in 1851 aged 78 and Grace (nee Richardson) died 1863 aged 89.

Lads about town

My grandfather Harry, on the left, and his brother Bob Horler pictured in Plymouth in the 1930's. Plymouth was near the ancestral home of many of the Tremeer ancestors of the Horler family and great uncle Bob served in the Royal Navy.

Matthias Horler at Croscombe

Taken some time in the 1920's/30's this picture shows my great grandfather Matthias Horler in his garden at Croscombe. You can see the village church in the background.

Minnie and her two daughters

Great grandmother Minnie (nee Say) Horler and her two daughters Rose and Hettie. Pictured in 1924.

The Top Mill, Croscombe, Somerset

My great grandfather, Matthias Horler, pictured between the miller Bert White, on the left of the photo covered in flour, and local character Joby Otley.

Matthias Horler

My great grandfather in his garden in 1930.

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