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Talbot family pictures page two

More pictures associated with the Talbot side of my family.

Hebe Talbot

My nan in the middle and, from the left, an unknown boy, Christine Vincent on the swing (my nan's half niece) and at the back on the swing is Irene Talbot (nan's niece and daughter of her brother Jim Talbot).

Hebe Talbot

My nan again and adoptive brother and sister outside Wells Cathedral. Is this late 1920's or early 1930's?

Hebe Horler (nee Talbot)

My nan pictured probably shortly after her marriage in 1935. The chair in the background was a wedding gift.

Cordleia Maggie Vincent (nee Talbot)

My nan's adoptive mother who was actually her elder half-sister. A photo of her husband Alb Vincent is on page one of the Talbot photos.

William Carver Talbot's accordian

This is my great grandfather's accordian that he used to play regularly in the local pub in Croscombe. He also had a more ornate one but we think that ended up with another branch of the family.

Talbot family bible

This is the front inside page of the bible started by William Carver Talbot and his first wife Mary. It details most of William's children from his first two marriages with a couple of later editions, such as my nan, added by Ken Vincent later on. The sprig of heather was kept in the inside pages of the bible and looks like something worn at a marriage.

Talbot family bible

First page of the bible listing from William Carver Talbot himself onwards. There are another two pages of entries.

Hebe Talbot

My nan, Hebe Talbot, and her half-nephews (adoptive brothers) Doug and Bert Vincent outside their house in Thrupe Lane, Croscombe. This would have been taken in the late 1920's I expect.

Vincents and Ted Talbot

From the left are - an unknown Canadian airman (friend of Ted Talbot's), Ken and Doug Vincent (my nan's adoptive brothers and half nephews) and Ted Talbot on the right in his Canadian RAF uniform. Taken about 1943/44.

Alb Vincent

On the right is my nan's adoptive father Alb Vincent (husband of her half-sister Cordelia Maggie) who is picured as a prisoner of war in 1914-18. Although pictured wearing a sailor's uniform he was actually a soldier captured at Passchendaele in 1917. He was probably just wearing what he was given and was spare.

Court Barn, West Bradley, Somerset

My great x 2 grandfather James Newport, age 12, (my nan's grandfather on her mother's side) was living at Court Barn, West Bradley in the 1871 with his parents James and Ann and brother Reuben, age 8. They were with families, all farm labourers, living at Court Barn at the time. I assume they weren't all living in the barn, but that they were living at the farm and buildings nearby. Picture courtesy of Wikipedia.

Red Lion Inn, West Pennard, Somerset

In 1871 my great x 2 grandmother on my grandmother's mother's side, Jane Ridout (later Newport), was living here. She was a domestic servant aged about 15 and living with her sister Louisa, 18, who was also a servant, two male lodging labourers and the Daish family who held the property but are listed as farmers. Picture courtesy of

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