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Surnames list

This page shows list of the surnames that appear in each of my family trees. The area is in these brackets next to the name {}. I have only listed here surnames which relate directly to my personal ancestry and not those linked to siblings. To list all the surnames would just take too long to keep catalogued. Please refer to the relevant family tree and history page for further details.

Hiscock family line surnames - Adams {Corsham & Sixpenny Handley}, Alford {Mere & Gillingham, Dorset}, Andrews {Fontmell Magna}, Awbrey (or Aubrey) {Mere & Dawley Court}, Barber {Mere}, Batt {Monkton Deverill}, Beach {Sixpenny Handley}, Beamond {Pimperne & Tarrant Hinton}, Biggen {North Cadbury}, Brine {Shaftesbury}, Brodinge {Gillingham}, Burt {Berwick St John}, Cantelo or Cantloe {Tisbury & Fonthill Gifford}, Case {Mere & Kilmington}, Chown {Berwick St John}, Chubb {Gillingham}, Compton {Donhead St Andrew}, Coombes or Combe {Pimperne & Tisbury},Crowter or Crouter {Sixpenny Handley}, Davies or Davis {Tetbury}, Day {North Cadbury}, Dike {East Stour}, Dowden {Berwick St John}, Ewens {Donhead St Andrew}, Flippen or Flipping {Tarrant Gunville}, Foakes {Kingston Deverill, Fonthill Bishop & Mere}, Foot {Shaftesbury, Motcombe & Donhead}, Ford {Martin}, Galler {Cann}, Garrett {Kingston Deverill & Horningsham}, Gatehouse {Shaftesbury}, Gilbert {Fonthill Gifford, Deverills}, Glover {Mere}, Goddard {Mere & Sedgehill}, Goodwin {Gillingham}, Grant {Tetbury}, Gray or Grey {Mere & Donhead St Andrew}, Grey {Cranborne}, Haime {Shaftesbury & Gillingham}, Hall {Gillingham}, Haskell or Haskoll {Donhead St Andrew & Cann)}, Hayter {Shaftesbury}, Herd or Hurd {Kingston Deverill}, Hill {Fonthill Gifford}, Hiscock , Hoskins {Motcombe}, Hunt {Motcombe & Shaftesbury}, Ingram {Pentridge & Ebbesbourne Wake}, James {Cann & Berwick St John}, Jenkins {Motcombe}, Joane {Mere}, Jones {Gillingham}, Kelly {Berwick St John}, Kendall {Mere}, Kerley {Ashmore}, King {Shaftesbury & East Stour}, Knight {Tisbury & Fonthill Gifford}, Lane {Swallowcliffe}, Lawrence {Mere}, Leere or Leare {Motcombe & Tisbury}, Lodge {Shaftesbury}, Longman {Salisbury}, Lush {Shaftesbury}, Markey {Stourton & Kilmington}, Mathis {Mere}, Mathews {Avening}, Meaden {Stourton}, Michell {Kingston Deverill}, Mompesson {Maiden Bradley & Bathampton}, Morgan {Shaftesbury, Motcombe & Pentridge}, Moxham {Ebbesbourne Wake}, Needle {Donhead St Andrew}, New {Pimperne}, Nightingale {Fovant}, Parsons {Motcombe}, Penny {Bowerchalke}, Perrot or Perrat {East Stour}, Purchase {Mere}, Rabbetts {Shaftesbury}, Reade {Cann}, Riman (or Rymond) {Woodcutts, Sixpenny Handley}, Robbins {Shaftesbury}, Rogers {Tisbury & Mere}, Ruddle {Corsham}, Runyard {Pimperne}, Russell {Child Okeford}, Sandall {Stourton}, Sanger {Tisbury}, Scammell {Tisbury}, Sibly {Cann}, Singleton {Donhead St Andrew}, Skinner {Cann}, Snook {Tisbury}, Squib {Poole}, Stainer {Shaftesbury}, Sturney (or Sturmey) {Pimperne}, Target {Fonthill}, Thick {Pentridge}, Titt {Kilmington}, Tristram {Gillingham}, True or Trew {Fonthill Gifford}, Tucker {Shaftesbury}, Turner {Gillingham & Tisbury}, Tutt {Gloucestershire}, Vincent {Fonthill Gifford}, Watkins {Calne}, Whitmarsh {Cann}, White {Martin}, Williams {Kilmington}, Wingrove {Martin}, Witt {Gillingham}, Young {Donhead St Andrew}.

Horler family line surnames (where * see the Drewe file under 'files') - Allen {Chew Stoke}, Ashman {Mells}, Barnes {Salisbury}, Barrett {St Michael's, Bristol}, Bartlett {St Stephen's by Saltash}, Batch {Netheravon}, Bath {Ubley}, Boddie (or Body) {Mells}, Bromham {Netheravon}, Bond {Pottern}, Burden {Cannings *}, Clark {Compton Martin}, Cook {Poulshot}, Cornish {Ditcheat}, Coward {Ditcheat}, Crosse {Cannington}, Dalmer (or Dallimour) {Seend}, Dirrick (or Derrick) {Ubley}, Drewe {Bishops Cannings & Devizes *}, Fry {Meare & Glastonbury}, Gad {Edington}, Gage {Mells}, Gilbert {St Stephen's by Saltash}, Gillett {Baltonsborough & Barton St David}, Habberfield {Frome}, Hart {Seend}, Heath {Keevil}, Herne (or Hearne) {Netheravon}, Hole {Farrington Gurney}, Jackman (or Jakeman) {Milton Abbot}, Horner {Mells}, Jefferies {Seend & Keevil}, Knight {Landrake}, Lancaster {Seend}, Maby {Ditcheat}, Manfield {Keevil}, Martton {Milton Abbot}, Maundrell {Keevil}, Montague {Salisbury *}, Moon {Kilmersdon}, More (or Moore) {Seend & West Lavington}, Mortimer {March *}, Naish or Nash {Keevil}, Newman {Box}, Norris {Edington & Meare}, Parker {Ubley}, Prideaux {Orcheston *}, Rimes or Rhymes {Baltonsborough & Ditcheat}, Richardson {Mells}, Say {Croscombe & Ubley}, Sleeman {Milton Abbot}, Smith {Seend}, Squire {Baltonsborough}, Steer {St Stephen's by Saltash}, Syms {Barton St David}, Taylor {West & East Harptree}, Taylor {St Stephen's by Saltash}, Tremeer {Saltash & Milton Abbot}, Turner {St Nicholas, Bristol}, Vowls {Midsummer Norton}, Wade {Ditcheat}, Webb {Nempnett Thrubwell}.

Talbot family line surnames - Adlam {Horningsham}, Bartlett {Mere}, Banton (or Baynton / Bainton) {Cucklington}, Bowles {Mere}, Browne {Cucklington}, Bull {North Cadbury}, Butt {Cucklington}, Carver {Croscombe & Ubley}, Chancellor {Croscombe & Chewton Mendip}, Chapple {Baltonsborough}, Churchill {Mere}, Clifford {Calne}, Close {Baltonsborough}, Clothier {North Cadbury}, Combes {Horningsham}, Connock {Sparkford & North Barrow}, Coomb {Marnhull}, Coombe {Croscombe}, Couch {High Ham}, Covey {Ubley}, Cowley {Mere}, Crook {Melksham}, Cross {Cucklington}, Duck {Calne}, Exten (or Exdon) {Horningsham}, Farr {High Ham}, Folkes {Butleigh}, Forward {Cucklington & Mere}, Gardner {Mere}, Garnseye {Calne}, George {Marnhull}, Gildon {Mere}, Green {Kington Magna}, Greenhill {Corsley}, Haine(s) (or Haimes / Hayme) {Baltonsborough}, Hanham {Croscombe}, Harding {Cucklington & Gillingham}, Hickes {Dinder}, Hill {High Ham}, Hunt {North Cadbury}, Hunt {Mere & Horningsham}, Jacob {Baltonsborough & East Pennard}, Jeffery {High Ham}, King alias Baker {North Cadbury}, Langley {Chewton Mendip}, Leonard {Lavington}, Limbard {Wincanton}, Linthorne (or Lintern/Lyntorn) {Alford, Ditcheat & North Barrow}, Marshman {Croscombe & Pottern}, Martin {Prestleigh & Shepton Mallet}, Monck {Mere}, Moon {High Ham}, Mortimer {Calne & Avebury}, Napper {North Cadbury}, Nelme {High Ham}, Newport {West Pennard & Baltonsborough & Sparkford}, Nicols {West Pennard}, Parsons {Stalbridge}, Norris {Cucklington}, Perry {North Cadbury}, Phillips {Croscombe}, Pitman {North Cadbury}, Read {Mere}, Reaves {East Pennard}, Ridout {Alford}, Rushe {Baltonsborough}, Segram {Mere}, Sherrin {High Ham}, Stephens {Weare}, Stephens {Ubley}, Stirkler {North Cadbury}, Street {Mere}, Symes {Baltonsborough}, Tucker {High Ham}, Underwood {Mere}, Uphill {North Cadbury}, Walton {High Ham & Shapwick}, Webber {Buckhorn Weston}, Weech {High Ham & Huish Episcopi}, Wheadon {High Ham}, Williams {Cucklington}, Willy {South Petherton}, Wilton {Butleigh}, Witts {Calne}, Woodborn {Limington}, Wychfield {Croscombe}, Young {North Cheriton}.

Wareham family line surnames (where noted as '1' see Dodington under 'files' and '2' see the Blachford file) - Arnold {Motcombe}, Blachford {Fontmell Magna, Fordingbridge & Dorchester 1}, Barry {Fordingbridge 2}, Brine {Shaftesbury}, Buckland {West Harptree 1}, Bustard {Shroton / Iwerne Courtney}, Casbert {Fordingbridge 2}, Case {Shaftesbury}, Chamberlain ( or Chamberlayne) {Shaftesbury & Hindon}, Clifford {Shaftesbury}, Colgate {Motcombe}, Combe {Ashmore 2}, Crouch {Horningsham}, Dampney {Shaftesbury}, Dodington {Woodlands Mere 1}, Englefield {Englefield 1}, Ernley {Marwell 2}, Fairfax {Walton 2}, Francis {Combe Florey 1}, Fry {Semley}, Hannam {Shaftesbury}, Haine {Shillingstone}, Haviland {Salisbury, Poole & Guernsey}, Hayter {Shaftesbury}, Harris {Ringwood}, Hayward {Shroton}, Hibbard {Mere}, Hine {Marnhull}, Hiscock {Child Okeford & Sutton Waldron}, Horsey {Clifton 1}, Humber {Winterborne Whitechurch}, Hunt {Milton Abbas & Winterborne Whitechurch}, Hurdle {Iwerne Courtney or Shroton & Charlton Marshall}, Hyde {Tisbury 1}, Hymerford {Folke 2}, Lambert {East Orchard}, Lanning {Iwerne Courtney}, Lodder {Stour Provost}, Lodge {Shaftesbury}, Love {Motcombe & Mere}, Lush {Shaftesbury & Tisbury}, Maber {Minterne Magna & Hermitage}, Mann {Poole}, Mathew {Gillingham, Shaftesbury & Motcombe}, Matthews (Dibden & London 2}, Molyns or Moleyns {Fordingbridge 2}, Montague {West Camel & Salisbury 2}, Morgan {Shaftesbury}, Oram {Shaftesbury}, Penny {Sturminster Newton & Shaftesbury}, Perry {Mere}, Pinhorne {Fordingbridge 2}, Plantagenet {1 & 2}, Poyntz {Iron Acton 1}, Pope {Rockbourne 2}, Pounde {Gillingham}, Rabbetts {Shaftesbury}, Rose {Westbury}, Russell {Shroton, Fontmell Magna, Child Okeford & Shillingstone}, Skilling {Draycot 2}, Small {Shroton, Wylye & Tisbury}, Snook {Gillingham}, Stainer {Shaftesbury}, Stevens {Winterborne Whitechurch}, Sutton {Shaftesbury}, Tapper {Shroton}, Tempest {Bracewell 2}, Travers {Winchester 2}, Tropnell {Chalfield 1}, Vignon {France}, Wareham {Shaftesbury, Iwerne Courtney / Shroton & Fontmell Magna}, Waterton {Newport IOW & Wakefield 2}, Wattes {Salisbury}, Wright {Winchester 2}, Young {Durnford & Harnham 1}.

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