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Hiscock family pictures page four

Pictures related to the Hiscock family of places and people. Click on the picture for a larger copy.

Methodist Church, Parsons Pool, Shaftesbury

My great x 2 grandparents James and Rose Kelly were married here in 1888. Rose's maiden name was Morgan and her great x 2 grandmother was Anne Haime who was a daughter of Methodist preacher and soldier John Haime of Shaftesbury (1709- 1784).

St Marys Church, Gillingham, Dorset

This is a church connected with many different lines of my family. In particular the Hiscocks before 1800 had lives connected with it. Lazarus Hiscock was married here in 1778. His father William was baptised here in 1689. William's parents and grandparents were baptised and married here and are buried in the churchyard. The earliest record of a Hiscock connection with the church is the burial of great x 11 grandfather Thomas Hiscock (alias Ashe) in 1587. Thomas (name spelt Hyscoke) was in Gillingham in 1545 and is in the Tudor subsidy roll (an early form of tax list). In 1540 in a militia list this Thomas is recorded as being an archer and holding a bow and quiver of arrows.

Francis Rogers Hiscock

This is the original untouched version of the photo on pictures page two. Thanks to Isabel (nee Hiscock) for this photo.

Ivor John Hiscock and family

My great x 2 uncle and his family.

William Kimber and wife Sarah (nee Hiscock)

Sarah is my great x 2 aunt and a daughter of Francis Rogers and Emily Hiscock. Thanks to Steve Kimber for this photo.

Wickwood Farm, Tisbury

Wickwood Farm again (see pictures page 3), this time looking back at the farm towards Tisbury.

Robert Hiscock and his daughter

Picture of my nan Violet and her father Robert at his home in Wimborne, Dorset. Taken in the late 1970's.

Cann school 1931

Picture of schoolchildren at Cann school in 1931. Hiscocks brothers and sisters pictured are Fred aged 14 (back row 2nd child from the left of the picture), my nan Violet aged 13 (back row 3rd child from the right), Gladys aged about 12 (middle row 4th from right), Iris aged about 8 (front row 3rd child from the left) and Betty aged about 5 years (front row child on the end on the right of the picture).

Robert and Vic Hiscock thatching

Cutting of a newspaper article (must have been 1956 or 1957 judging from the comments) of my great grandfather Robert Hiscock and his son Vic in the thatching trade. The wording says "Father and son are seen at work on a thatched house in back-lane Sherborne. At the ridge of the roof is 65 year old Mr R S Hiscock, of Wimborne, who has been thatching all his life. Below is his 40 years old son Mr V F Hiscock, Shaftesbury, who has been following his father's craft for 12 years. They travel long distances in the course of their highly skilled and ancient craft."

Iris Hiscock's wedding, May 1945, Cann

My great auntie Iris' wedding to Percy Bird. Amongst those pictured are my nan Violet (10th from the right of the picture with the lopsided hat and dark lipstick), great grandmother Sophia (to the immediate right behind the bride, with a feather in her hat) and her husband Robert (to the bride's left), my grandfather Sidney Wareham (to the left of the groom, his head slightly obscured by the woman in front). Plenty of other Hiscocks and other family in this picture, but too numerous to list here.

Bleet Farm, Gillingham, Dorset

Two pictures of the farm from under the hill and down the valley and one from the farm gate. My great x5 grandfather Lazarus Hiscock is recorded as being the farmer here in 1778 when he married his second wife Elizabeth King in Gillingham. I have no reason to believe that he was not also farming here when he married his first wife in 1749 through to when he died in 1795.

Hunger Hill Farm, Gillingham, Dorset

My great x 2 grandfather Edwin Hiscock is recorded as farming here with his unmarried sister Jane (I think Eliza Jane) in 1841. It is quite possible that they inherited the farm after their father Edward Hiscock died in 1830 and his wife Edith died in early 1841. Edith is certainly recorded as being the owner for the 1841 tithe register. Edwin married in 1843 and by 1851 he was farming at Lyde Hill Farm at nearby Stour Provost. Eliza Jane married a Charles Morgan in 1843 and at some stage emigrated as she died in 1888 in New Zealand.

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