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Horler family pictures

Pictures related to the Horler family of places and people. Click on the picture for a larger copy. See also Talbot pictures.

Harry Horler

My grandfather Harry (or Henry) in his 20's taken sometime in the early 1930's.

Harry Horler

Harry in later life. This was taken by me at the Cocked Hat in East Knoyle in the early 1990's whilst Grandfer was on his way to tend to his sheep. Harry was about 70.

Frederick J Horler and niece Hettie

My great x2 uncle Fred Horler and great aunt Hettie pictured in about 1918.

Wells Cathedral, Somerset

My great x7 grandparents John Coward and Joane Wade of Ditcheat were married here in 1681.

Minnie and Rose Horler 1926

My great grandmother Minnie Horler (nee Say) and her daughter Rose (later Rose Strange).

Harry and Hebe Horler

My grandparents cutting their 50th wedding anniversary cake at the Cocked Hat in East Knoyle.

St Germans, near Saltash, Cornwall

The Tremeer branch of the family have connections with this church and village through the Taylors. Mary Anne Taylor married Joseph Tremeer in 1820 in nearby St Stephens and was buried in the graveyard just up the road from this church. She died in 1849.

Horlers at Croscombe c 1930

Pictured at Mill Paddock in Croscombe, from left to right, is Minnie (nee Say) and Matthias Horler my great grandparents, their son George Horler (who was in teh Somerset Light Infantry) and in front is their daughter Rose Horler.

Robert and Harriet Say, Croscombe

This memorial in Croscombe churchyard is of my great x 2 grandparents Robert and Harriet Say. Robert died in 1924 and Harrier in 1925. The memorial is also to their daughter Thurza Say. The grave reads "He toiled hard for those he loved then left us to remember"

Say family graves in Croscombe

Next to Robert and Harriet's grave is that is that of his brother Charles W Say and not far from these is another brother James SH Say who died in 1916 aged 80. Both Robert and James Say were parish councillors in Croscombe along with their brother Moses Say.

Sharcombe Farm, Dinder

This farm was worked by my grandfather Harry Horler from the 1930's to the mid- 1950's. He worked first for Mr Pepper, then Sir William Verdon- Smith till the 1940's and finally for Lord and Lady Strathcona (Earl of Colonsay). Through a connection to Mr Brooking-Clarke (of the footwear Clarke family) of nearby Dinder House my grandfather then got a job for the Glencoat family at East Knoyle in Wiltshire.

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