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Blachford family of Sandhill Manor Fordingbridge

On the Wareham side of the family my great x 5 grandmother was Susannah Blachford daughter of John and Susannah Blachford. Through her ancestry comes connections to Lords of the Manor of Sandhill in Fordingbridge. The Blachfords (sometimes spelt Blashford or Blatchford) married into the Wright family of Winchester and the Watertons of Walton in Yorkshire. Through the Watertons are connections to the Earls of Salisbury and to King Edward I. For the Blachford / Waterton family history and trees see under 'Wareham family tree'. Also go to 'docs eng civil war' for information about the Blachfords in the English Civil War and under 'related documents page 2' for an essay 'Our Family's Rich Heritage' which details some of the ancestral lines of this family.

Blachford Farm, East Orchard, Dorset

The roof in the centre amongst the trees is that of the farm held by my 6th great grandparents and where my 5th great grandmother Susannah Blachford was born and raised. Now called Blackberry Farm at Hartgrove near East Orchard in Dorset. John Blachford, Susannah's father, held the farm from 1759 and he was grandson of Gentleman Daniel Blachford of Fordingbridge who was Lord of the Manor of Durston in Somerset. Daniel in turn was son of Gentleman Richard Blachford who was Lord of the Manor of Sandhill.

Sandhill Manor, Fordingbridge, Hampshire

This is a picture from the 'Forres Sandle Manor School' website (I hope they don't mind!) showing, in the middle left entranceway, what I believe is the Elizabethan front to the old Manor House. The Manor used to be called Sandhill but is better known now as 'Sandle' or 'Sandleheath'. The Blachfords inherited the Manor through the marriage of Richard Blachford to Eleanor Waterton in 1623. Eleanor inherited it from her father Robert Waterton and he in turn held it from his wife Jane Moleyns (or Molyns / Molins) whom he married in 1602. The first mention of the Moleyns family and Sandhill is the will of Nicholas Moleyns in 1429. Prior to that the Moleyns family held mills in Petherton and Durston in Somerset and the Hampshire Heraldian Visitations claim that they descend from a Sir Richard Moleyns who died 1324. I am not so confident about the link to Sir Richard but think the line goes back to a John Moleyns and his mother Joan in Somerset in the early 14th century.

Sir John Montacute, Salisbury Cathedral

This is believed to be the tomb of Sir John Montacute (son of William Montacute, Earl of Salisbury) at Salisbury Cathedral. He fought at Crecy and Poitiers and was Steward to King Richard II. Sir John married Margaret De Monthermer who was the grandaughter of Joan of Acre who was a daughter of King Edward I. This line is confirmed in Heraldian visitations and on the Blachford Coat of Arms and comes from the marriage in about 1500 of William Moleyns and a daughter of the Montacute family of West Camel in Somerset who descend from the Earls of Salisbury.

Earl William de Longespee

The magnificent tomb of Earl William at Salisbury Cathedral. He is a x 24 generation great grandfather through the Waterton and Wright family lines. He was 3rd Earl of Salisbury, 1st creation and a half brother of Kings John and Richard having been an illegitimate son of King Henry II. He was a brave Knight and laid one of the foundation stones of Salisbury Cathedral. He was probably murdered at Old Sarum by arsenic poisoning by a rival Knight.

Salisbury Cathedral

View of the Cathedral from the house in which I currently live. It is amazing to think that my family descend from people who were benefactors for the founding of this magnificent building and who were present at the laying of the foundation stones - Earl William Longespee and King Henry II. I am sure there are others further down the social scale who may have been present and worked on this building but whose historial lines have not been recorded.

St Johns Church, The Soke, Winchester

Great x 11 grandfather, gentleman Gilbert Pope, married Clara Travers of Winchester here in 1614. Her parents John (a wealthy clothier) and Joan were buried here in 1614 and 1615. John's parents Walter and Agnes Travers were buried at nearby St Giles in Winchester in 1555 and 1558.

Hymerford House, East Coker, Somerset

One of the coats of arms included on the Blachford family crest (granted 1633 London Heraldian Visitations, see Blachford spreadsheet) is that of Hymerford. John Moleyns of Sandhill Manor married Elizabeth, daughter of Henry Hymerford in about 1540. The Hymerfords held this house from 1377.

St Mary & All Saints Church, Ellingham, Hampshire

Great x 8 grandfather Daniel Blachford was baptised here on 3rd March 1651. he was the son of the gentleman Robert Blachford of Sandhill Manor in Fordingbridge and his first wife Elizabeth (nee Wright).

St Mary's Church, Fordingbridge, Hampshire

My Blachford family were associated with this church between 1623 when the marriage of Robert Blachford and Eleanor Waterton (great x 10 grandparents) took place up till the baptism of my great x 5 grandmother Susannah Blachford here on 5th September 1744. Prior to that the ancestors of Eleanor Waterton, the Moleyns family who owned Sandhill Manor that she later inherited, were associated with the church back to the late 14th century. John Moleyns (great x 17 grandfather) said in his will of 1483 that he wished to be buried under the image of St Michael the Archangel which was in the 'east part of the church called Our Lasy Aisle'. Sadly no monuments remain which can be easily associated with the burials of any of the Blachfords or their ancestors inside the church or in the churchyard.

St Michael Bassishaw, London

Great x 9 grandfather Robert Blachford was baptised in this church on 21st January 1624 to Richard and Elizabeth who had married at Fordingbridge in Hampshire 10 months earlier. Richard had been working as a merchant in central London at the time and in 1633 was granted a coat of arms from the Royal Heralds whilst still working as a merchant in London. The picture (from Wikipedia, by Bashereyre) is of the site where the church used to stand. It was destroyed in the Great Fire of London in 1666. This church was in the financial heart of the City of London (not far from where Richard was later buried- see below). Robert later became Lord of the Manor of Sandhill near Fordingbridge.

St Mary Woolnoth, London

Great x 10 grandfather Richard Blachford was buried here on 10th November 1635 aged just 34. Richard had been working as a merchant in the financial heart of the old City of London. His widow Eleanor remarried in 1636. The church was badly damaged in the Great Fire of London in 1666 and the church was rebuilt in 1711. Richard's remains may still lie beneath the church.

St Margaret, Westminster, London

The parish church of Westminster and next to the House of Parliament and Westminster Cathedral, ancestor great x 8 grandmother Frances Dowse (an ancestor of Susannah Blachford's) was baptised here in 1628. Her parents John and Elizabeth Dowse were buried here in 1648 and 1631 respectively. Frances Dowse married Reverend Joseph Matthews (who later became vicar of Dibden in Hampshire) at St Michael in Cornhall in London and whose daughter Frances married Abraham Pinhorne of Fordingbridge. Abraham and Frances' daughter Susannah married John Blachford in Fordingbridge in 1743.

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