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Wareham pictures page four

Pictures of people and places connected to the Wareham family. Also refer to Hiscock link for some associated pictures.

Ashford Terrace, Fordingbridge, Hampshire

Great x 2 grandfather Richard Stainer was living here when he died age 85 in 1939. he was a retired dairyman. he was living at number 4 at the time, however the numbering has since changed so it is impossible to know which house it was.

Old Maternity Unit, Shaftesbury

I was born here when it was the maternity unit on Bimport Road. I think my Dad was also born here. Most Shaftesbury births now seem to take place at Salisbury Hospital, my three nephews were born in Salisbury.

Stoney Path, St James, Shaftesbury

My great x 3 grandmother Maria Stainer (nee Colgate) was living here in the 1911 census. She was 83 and living alone as a widow (to Charles who died 1900). She died in 1914.

St James Church, Shaftesbury

Plenty of my ancestors are buried here including 4 successive generations of Stainer men from James and wife Sarah Stainer in 1734 and 1730 to John and wife Lucy Stainer in 1853 and 1820.

Sidney and Violet Wareham

Picture of my grandparents at my uncle Dave's wedding. This picture has been cropped from the main picture to highlight Sid and Vi and I particularly like this photo because it shows Sid in mid laugh.

Sidney Wareham and daughter Maureen

My grandfather pictured with daughter Maureen at her wedding.

Sidney and Violet Wareham

My grandfather is pictured on the far right and my gran is in the middle holding the infant. I don't know exactly who the child is but assume it is one of my cousins rather than a child of Sid and Vi's because this event looks like it is taking place in the mid-to-late 1950's (judging by the age of some people in the picture) and my father was the last child of their's to be baptised in infancy in 1947.

Don Wareham's wedding

I believe that this is a picture of my uncle Don's wedding to his wife Mary. Pictured from the left of the photo are my grandfather Sidney, uncle Alex and uncle Don. Sadly all three are no longer with us.

Pam Wareham's wedding

My auntie Pam's wedding to Peter Ayriss. To the right of the bride are her family including my grandfather Sidney and gran Violet. Standing behind is my uncle Alex. sadly my grandparents and Pam and Alex have now all passed away. Pam and Alex were the 2nd and 3rd children of Sid and Vi and my Dad Rodney was the 7th and is currently the 4th eldest of the brothers and sisters current around.

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