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Wareham pictures page one

Pictures of people and places associated with the Wareham family history. see also under Blachford and Dodington.

Sidney Wareham (1916-1973)

My grandfather Sidney Ernest Wareham. He is pictured here early and later in the war in his RAF uniform (rank - aircraftsman (i.e. ground crew)). The former photo was probably taken when he'd just signed up and was based at RAF North Weald near London. He was then stationed in Africa and finally in Sri Lanka before release, ealy due to serious illness, in mid-1945. See under 'related documents' for the full story of his wartime experiences.

George Wareham (1912-1989)

My great uncle George Wareham pictured in his army uniform in WW2. George was in the Dorset Regiment and served in Burma, which involved some tough fighting against the Japanese.

George and Frank Wareham

Brothers pictured in the far east in WW2. Frank was in the RAF.

Landsley Cottage, Coombe, near Shaftesbury

Walter and wife Harriet Wareham lived at Landsley Cottage until the days they died, 1944 and 1960 respectively, and they raised a family here whilst Walter worked on the grounds of Coombe House as a gardener. Landsley is the building at the very top of the picture. The building still stands hidden behind buildings of the new petrol garage near the entrance to St Mary's school on Salisbury Road, Shaftesbury.

Walter George Wareham (1865-1945)

My great grandfather (second from the right in the hat) pictured with the family that held Coombe House in the 1930's and ran it as an hotel, the Wormalds. Walter George experienced three changes of employer in his time at Coombe from Mark Beaufoy (who built it), to the Wormalds and finally to the US Air Force (during WW2 it was a rest home for bomber crews). Walter died as a result of blood poisoning working on the gardens in 1945.

Walter George Wareham

Another picture of Walter in what looks like a greenhouse at Coombe.

Rose Wareham (nee Stainer) (1880-1960)

This is Walter's wife, Harriet Rose. My great grandmother. Her Stainer family line goes back in Shaftesbury to at least 1600.

The Cross, Shroton, Dorset

The Wareham family are recorded as living near the Cross in Iwerne Courtney in the 1871-1891 census records. Walter George was born in Shroton and his ancestors on different lines were associated with the village going back to, probably, at least the 14th century. The first Wareham family record in Shroton is 1714.

Fontmell Magna Church, Dorset

My ancestors James Tapper and Susannah Blachford were married here in 1763. It is through the Blachford family that I believe we Warehams can trace ancient pedigrees going back to the Plantagenets, Normans and Anglo Saxons (see Blachford family info under 'files').

St Peters Church, Shaftesbury, Dorset

Generations of Wareham ancestors have links to this church having been baptised, married and buried through here. Links go back to the very first parish records of the parish in the early 17th century.

Sidney Wareham aged 14

My grandad Sidney Wareham in about 1930 probably near Coombe woods near Shaftesbury.

Rose Wareham and daughter Kathleen

In the middle is my great grandmother Harriet Rose Wareham holding the hand of her daughter Kathleen. I don't know who the woman on the right of the picture is or where it was taken.

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