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2005 Bass Connections

Wiltshire County Council is 100% committed to supporting Bass Connections and no decision has been made to move it to Wilton Middle School.

That was the message given recently by David Whewell, Head of Youth Development at Wiltshire County Council, to the young people of the Bass Connections Committee.

I attended the consultation between David Whewell and the young people on the committee. In the course of a very amicable and open discussion, Mr Whewell reassured the committee that Bass Connections had the unequivocal backing of Wiltshire County Council.

He confirmed that the Council would like to sell Grosvenor House and Riverside, as part of a Salisbury-wide co-location project with the NHS. Mr Whewell pledged to do his utmost to find a location in Salisbury for Bass Connections but said that, if no Salisbury venue could be found, the group would be moved to Wilton. He made a commitment to keep the committee up-to-date with all decisions and possibilities concerning them.

Anton Prior, the main committee spokesman, suggested that all members of the committee actively look themselves for possible venues in Salisbury. This offer was welcomed by Mr Whewell.

I was also given a tour of the premises and was very impressed with the enthusiasm of the young people. Bass Connections started with just one band, using the profit from gigs to buy more equipment. Members pay 1 a week towards maintaining the equipment. They now have rooms and equipment for 7 bands, a recording studio and DJ room.

Two Youth Development Workers assist with all non-musical aspects to further the personal development of the young people, helping them to identify their aims and work out how to achieve them. Performance at school often improves dramatically as the young people recognise school as a means of acquiring the skills necessary to fulfil their goals. Stunning!