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2009 One Council for Wiltshire Progress so far

We all want local government to be more local, not less. Salisbury will have one Community Area Board, where Wiltshire Council (WC) councillors in Salisbury can direct the WC services in the city to best meet local needs. Just as the WC Cabinet makes decisions for Wiltshire, the Salisbury Community Area Board will make decisions for Salisbury.

Feeding issues into the Board will be the Community Area Partnership, a wider group of local people, organisations and community groups.

Parish Council for Salisbury
At last, Salisbury is to get its own parish council, to be called Salisbury City Council. It will be responsible for the Guildhall, parks, allotments and the crematorium, the Charter Market and Fair, Bemerton Heath Neighbourhood Centre, shops and garages owned by the City Council before 1974, City Centre Management including a Community Fund, and City events such as the Christmas Lights and St George’s Day.

Protecting valuable services – where is your Leader?
The move from five councils to one is overseen by the Implementation Executive (IE), which consists of the county council cabinet plus two members from each district council. Between 1st April and 4th June (polling day), the Wiltshire Council will be run by the IE.

It is vital for the continuation of services, ensuring the most vulnerable do not lose out. So why has the Leader of Salisbury District Council only attended 5 of its 14 meetings?

How can I get involved?
Do please raise issues through the Community Area Partnership. Or stand for election for either the Wiltshire Council or the Salisbury City Council.

For more information, go to www.onecouncilforwiltshire.gov.uk.