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Bourne Valley Scout Group

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Bourne Valley Cubs Getting kitted up to climb the mega climbing wall and then zip wiring from the top of it – a real adrenalin rush!

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Idmiston Troop cookery team - compete with the best scout chefs throughout Wiltshire in February 2012.

Bourne Valley Scout Group

May 2013 REPORT from the Group Scout Leader

A quieter month this time with no scouting over the Easter period other than the Beaver Sleepover. The leaders however have kept their fingers on the pulse with planning for the coming term, paperwork and planning for camps. No rest for the wicked!

The Executive Committee will be busy planning for the Group AGM at the end of May and the Annual Strawberry & Cream Evening towards the end of June.

Shirley Moores, Group Scout Leader
Tel: 01980 611614

Beavers – MAY Report from Redwood
At the very start of the Easter holidays, the colony had its annual Sleepover in the Glebe Hall.

This year’s theme was Easter. We all had an excellent time and the Beavers enjoyed the craft activities games laid on for them. We had by the end of the sleepover made and decorated, rocking hens from paper plates, played an Easter egg bingo wide game, which involved locating cardboard Easter eggs with pencils attached, with the same number as that on your bingo sheet and colouring in the corresponding square on your card.

We watched a film called Hop, about the Easter bunny. We followed a laid trail around the village, put there by the Easter Bunny to give the beavers a chance to hone their egg hunting skills, learned and performed a new song about a very naughty rabbit called Fu Fu, who kept ‘bopping’ field mice on their heads. We made Chocolate Easter nests, which we ate for pudding. We Made Cress heads as part of an experiment that the beavers reported back on after the holiday to see how it had grown, and finally preformed our song to the mums and dads before going home for a rest. Somewhere in there we nearly had some sleep, but not much.

This term we started with a games evening to ease back into the routine and allow the leaders to plan the rest of the term.

Last week tried something new to the colony, at home I have a very large box of Lego most of which was mine and has been added to by my two boys over the years. Each lodge was given a tray full of Lego pieces and the instruction to make a monster. It was very quiet for some time apart from small cogs whirring in beaver brains and the distinctive sound of Lego bricks being pushed around the trays.

The results were brilliant, and most monsters had special skills and its own name. This we decided, is an activity that we will run again.

Cub Pack – Report from Akela
With last term being the "term of District competitions", this term we are concentrating on putting the OUT in scOUTing, Camps and Badges! I know all the Mums, and possibly Dads?, will be rubbing their hands together with the promise of more badges to sew onto uniforms. We at the Bourne Valley like to keep everyone busy, we wouldn’t like anyone to feel left out!

The pack welcomed 7 beavers from our Beaver Colony at the beginning of term and the first meeting was dedicated to "getting to know each other" with games and Bingo.

Over the next few weeks the beavers will be working towards the Cub Membership Award ready to "swim up" from the colony to the pack at the end of April and be invested as full members of the pack in May.

Meanwhile the rest of the pack will be working towards the Emergency Aid Badges stages 1 & 2 and the Community Challenge. They have already learnt what to do at the scene of an accident, how to put a casualty in the recovery position and maintain a clear airway.

As part of the Community Challenge, meeting someone who helps the Community the pack had a visit from Tiff Ferris, School Nurse and the Mother of one of Figsbury scouts. She was warmly received, the cubs love to have visitors and always have a myriad of questions to ask them, added to this they were on their best behaviour.
Akela/ Shirley Moores

Figsbury Scout Troop – MAY Report from Jane
This term commenced with a walk up to Figsbury Ring, luckily the rain which had been coming down on and off for most of the day stopped in time for the beginning of the troop meeting, once up there the scouts enjoyed an energetic wide game of Capture the Flag.

The older scouts who are doing the Expedition Challenge over the weekend of the 27th -28th April stayed at the hall to continue with the training and preparation for the trip. They will be hiking for 2 days with an overnight stop at the Guide Centre at Berwick St James where they will camp. The Challenge is to carry all their kit with them; which is no mean feat, cook their own meals and navigate the route, only meeting leaders at various checkpoints each day and for the overnight camp.

Assistant Scout leader, Mike, spent some of his Easter holiday editing the Scouts First Aid training films, which you will remember was what the scouts were busy working on last term. The results are excellent and will prove a good resource to show the Cubs as part of their Emergency Aid badge work.

After an evening of working towards the Promise Challenge and putting up a hike tent blindfold, the Scouts got to watch and comment on all the films. All in all it was a very entertaining evening.

On St Georges day the troop had an evening dedicated to the Patron Saint of Scouting, with the "St George Challenge" an assault/activity course around the field behind the church, horses and lances featured in this fun activity! Then everyone came indoors to listen to the story of the Legend of St George, they completed the evening icing cakes to represent St Georges flag.

Idmiston Scout Troop – MAY Report from Ian
After a couple of weeks off over the schools’ Easter holiday, the scouts were rather boisterous when we got back. However, the weather has improved and we have lighter evenings again so it was a case of chase them outside to burn off a spot of energy (theirs, not mine).

Week one was simple revision on how to pitch a tent. This was run by the patrol leaders with varying degrees of success. We also started with a new ”Knot of the Term” which the scouts have to master, earning a Brucie Bonus if they can tie it with their eyes shut by the end of term. This term it is the Highwayman’s Hitch, a terrific quick release knot, as used by Dick Turpin.

On week two we were evicted from the Memorial Hall for the evening, but as ever, there was a back-up plan. The Scouts paraded in Ian’s back garden where our latest member was invested – welcome Sam Jennings – and then set about putting into practice all they learned the week before about pitching tents. Obviously some of them hadn't learned that much the week before, but eventually tents were up, scouts moved their kit in and then we departed for a gentle yomp along some of the Parish footpaths. It was a shorter hike than usual (you could tell because Ben didn’t moan as much) but we did play a wide game on top of Figsbury Rings and were still out past midnight. All enjoyed hot chocolate and toasted marshmallows on our return before hitting the sack at about 2am, and we still managed to pack a few hardy souls off to SAYM early on Saturday morning, although at least one confessed to falling asleep and missing his intro!

Lots more on the programme between now and summer camp, so why not come and join us?

Shirley Moores, Group Scout Leader
Tel: 01980 611614

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