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Map of Footpaths in The Winterbournes

The Winterbournes have a fantastic range of 20 public footpaths. Use the map (click at bottom of this page) to follow the routes.

The Annual Parish Footpath Walk 2013
takes place on Sun 8th Sept 2013 from 1.30pm

Meet at the Glebe Hall, Winterbourne Earls on Sunday 8th September, anytime between 1.30pm and 4.30pm to pick up a map of the Village Footpaths and a questionnaire to report on the condition of the footpaths. You can walk one or more footpaths as you wish.

You can also join a Guided Historical Walk leaving the Glebe Hall at 2pm.

Dogs and Children welcome. Complimentary hot & cold drinks at the Hall. Suitable footwear recommended! Further information from Maureen on 01980 611311.

Footpath No.
1. Starts behind Glebe Hall, beyond the line of trees. Turn left at back of Old Vicarage, cross over Figsbury Road and continues parallel to main village road to Thorneydown Road, cross over into Salt Lane and continue behind houses in Gomeldon Road

3. Starts at top of The Bank, opposite Gaterís Lane, crosses field and ends at kissing gate junction with Footpath 1

4. Starts at Policemanís Corner, opposite Thorneydown Road and finishes at bottom of hill on Gomeldon Road

5. Starts at stile at bottom of Gomeldon Hill and follows river, finishing at the back of "Riverside". The continuation to the main road at White Bridge is not safely passable

6. Starts half way up The Bank, opposite Gaterís Lane, runs along Paddock Close, through a track to Figsbury Road, along the edge of the Glebe Hall Car Park to the Primary School, across to Summerlug, then between the houses in Summerlug and the main road

7. Starts at end of pavement in Winterbourne Earls, over stile, diagonally across field of horses, over another stile and finishes in Hurdcott Lane, alongside Bourne Beeches

8. Starts at end of pavement in Winterbourne Earls, over stile and goes straight down field to Hurdcott House

9. Starts next to Tannerís Yard in Winterbourne Earls, turns left, crosses over Footpath 10 and finishes in Hurdcott

10. Starts in Tannerís Lane, opposite Parsonage Mead, continues across Footpath 22 and finishes in Hurdcott

12. Starts between Fairfield and South Croft in Winterbourne Earls, follows the River Bourne and finishes in Hurdcott

13. Starts at Sewage Works in Hurdcott and continues to The Portway

14. Starts opposite Hurdcott Lane on main road and continues to join up with Firsdown Footpath ending at London Road

18. Starts at end of Figsbury Road and finishes at Figsbury Rings

19. Starts next to Marsh Motors in Winterbourne Gunner, crosses bridge at bottom of field and continues to The Portway

20. Starts just past the Sewage Works in Hurdcott, runs along at the back of Hurdcott Lane, along track to Green Bridge, turns left up Great Drove, then right through kissing gate and continues across Gaterís Lane, alongside the River Bourne and diagonally across the field to join up with The Portway. Do not attempt to climb over the stile on to The Portway, this is hazardous

21. Starts on the far side of the bridge at the bottom of Tannerís Lane and continues straight up to The Portway. Do not attempt to climb over the stile on to The Portway, this is hazardous

22. Starts opposite Summerlug, continues down field, crosses River Bourne and continues to Green Bridge, turns right and finishes at bottom of Tannerís Lane

23. Starts in Morganís Lane, opposite St. Michaelís Church and finishes at junction with Footpath 20

28. Runs alongside main road, opposite "Green Hedges" in Winterbourne Earls and finishes opposite Hurdcott Lane at junction with Footpath 14

29. Starts just before Sewage Works in Hurdcott, turns left and continues to the bridge in Ford

Enjoy our Footpaths

Do you walk any of the footpaths on a regular basis? If so, would you be willing to report any problems (overgrowth, litter, dog fouling, obstructions etc) to the Parish Council?
You can do so via the Parish Clerk - Melanie Thomas on 01980 863802 or winterbournepc@gmail .com
We will be happy to receive your observations on any of the footpaths in the Parish

Map of Winterbourne Public Footpaths

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