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Getting Started in Sailing

Dinghy sailing is the quickest and easiest way to learn to sail. Dinghies are small, easy to handle and generally light to launch and transport. Learn to sail on your own in a single handed dinghy or with a crew. You can potter about exploring your local stretch of water, join a sailing club full of like- minded people, or learn to race. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, expect to get wet!

Age 11-, begginer sailor: The Topaz Taz is the ideal boat for a young begginer sailor. With enough space for two children it is the perfect little boat for any children and is a wonderful confidence booster. It is also extremely light and can be put on the roof of a car by two people easily.

Age 10+, begginer to advanced sailor: The Laser Pico is an ideal boat seating one or two children of any size. With masses of space and a small jib this boat is one of the most popular dinghies ever. This is an ideal boat for bringing children up in, as they learn to sail. The high boom means loads of room for the grown ups too so you can easily have a child and an instructor in the boat together.

Age 12+ very good sailor: The Laser Radial is a boat for the more experienced sailor, young or old. The smaller rigged version of the boat used in the Olympics, the radial is chosen all over the world by clubs and individuals. Its high quality build means that the boat is extremely fast when in strong winds, yet is tamer in lesser winds. There is ample space for two in the boat also allowing for an instructor in the boat with you. The Laser Radial will not dissapoint.

Age 8+ begginer to advanced sailor: The topper is world renowned as a brilliant boat for all ages and all standards. An easy rigging system means that it is quick and easy to launch and it has ample room for one or two young sailors. The topper is the perfect boat to use before moving into a slightly more advanced laser as its slim build is similar to that of the Radial and if sailed well, can also go very fast. This is an ideal children's boat.