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Blue Ribband Day for Shaftesbury Cricket Club
A crown of 100 guests, players and supporters gathered at Glaze's Field, Shaftesbury for the official opening of the Shaftesbury Cricket Club's brand new cricket ground and pavilion on Sunday 3rd September. The crowd was enjoyed a fetsival of cricket with a 20:20 competition for juniors in the morning followed by the seniors in the sunbathed afternoon. A BBQ and and drinks kept the entertainment going well into the evening.

Clive Moore, Chairman of Dorset Cricket Association and Bill Glaze, President of Shaftesbury Cricket Club shared the honour of cutting the ribbon (Bill pictured left, and Clive right) and entertained the large crown with their fond memories of the Club. Clive paid tribute to all of those who had helped to turn the dream into reality and he congratulated the Club on achieving such a fine facility which he said promised to become one of the best in the County.

Bill Glaze, one of four generations to play for the Club shared memories from over 80 years at the Club.

Shaftesbury Cricket Club's Terry Warder who has overseen the development project welcomed the large turn out:

It has been a long and hard stuggle to achieve this new facility and we owe a very great debt to the many local people, businesses and the town council who have made it all possible. We will go on raising funds to improve the facilities and we hope now that there is nothing to stop Shaftesbury Cricket Club becoming once again one of the foremost Club sides in the County.

Club Chairman, Guy Lowton paid special tribute to the work of Terry Warder and the many hundreds of hours he had spent at the ground over the last five years. He went on to encourage the players, coaches and officials at the Club to put out the word that Shaftesbury was back on the cricket map after five years of upheival. He said that the focus would now be on recruiting new players to take the Club to the highest competitive level.

20:20 Vision for the Future: 3rd September 2006
Plans are in hand for the official opening of Shaftesbury Cricket Club's new pavilion at Glaze's Field. The day will centre around the 20:20 format with junior teams competing in the morning and the seniors doing battle in the afternoon. There will be fun and entertainment, with an all day BBQ and Bar followed by evening entertainment in the brand new Club Room. Vice presidents, guests and civic dignatories will be provided with hopitality and free wine during the senior match in the afternoon and there will be a grand raffle for some first class prizes. It promises to be a special day - so bring the family and come on down to the opening.
Eton humble the Rockies
In the second pre-season friendly Eton Bray, put a rocky rockies to the sword despite a fine bowling performance by the Dorset boys. Warder: 7-1-3-18; Milts: 7-6-5-10 and Toogood: 2.2-0-1-84 did the damage. Unfortunatley, the batting did not compare, only Blake Westcarr (36) and Milts 16no really looked in any sort of nick. Still, another enjoyable day for all involved - particularly the sight of the away skipper dressed in full drag after the game (you had to be there!). And for the diehards, Lin put on a great tea enjoyed by all and washed down with crateloads of local beer. Marvellous!
Thanks to Chiselhurst
We had an enjoyable game against Chiselhurst - they were rather subdued on arrival, recovering from a mammoth vodka binge in a seedy Bournemouth strip joint. It was a gorgeous day at Glaze's Field and the new wicket played well. In a 35 over match, the Chisellers posted 173 all out and Shaftesbury scambled to 153- 9 in reply pulling off a creditable draw. Jay Westcarr starred with ball and bat for the Rockies and Milts pulled off a creditable tea that included a fine round of cream scones, a two cheeky plates of home made sausage rolls, Bravo! Well the visitors managed to overcome their hangovers and put in a decent performance at the bar - quaffing steadily until their unsteady departure just past sundown. Nice to meet you guys, come back again!
Welcome to Chiselhurst
The second of the season's midweek friendlies takes place on Tuesday July 11th at Glazes against Chiselhust CC. Match starts at 2.00pm. A couple of players are still needed for this one 7 confirmed and 2 likely - so 2 or 3 places still available. Steve Milton and Dave Toogood are arranging the fixture, so please contact either to confirm availability (01722 502509). It promises to be a relaxed informal game, high tea to Milts normal high standards!
DCA Reverses Penalty
Shaftesbury won its appeal against a 20 point penalty deducted following an unofficial pitch inspection carried out by opposition players from Broadstone. The League recognised that it is totally out of order for one club to report on another's pitch without a proper league assessment. All at SCC knew that the game was in the balance following a lot of early season rain. The DCA upheld the appeal and removed the penalty - well done to all.
Apologies to Haresfield
An apologetic Steve Milton had to tell Haresfield CC that Shaftesbury were unable to honour the friendly fixture on Thursday 8th June, despite the best efforts of our three skippers.

With younger players still at school and college and many senior players involved in a full programme at weekends and midweek, it just proved impossible.

Many, many apologies to Haresfield from all at Shaftesbury, we hope you find an enjoyable alternative activity to pursue on Thursday.

Welcome to Haresfield
The first of the season's midweek friendlies takes place on Thursday June 8th at Glazes against Harefields CC. Match starts at 2.00pm. Players needed - you don't have to be a Shaftesbury CC member to play in this one. Steve Milton and Dave Toogood are arranging the fixture, so please contact either to confirm availability. It promises to be a relaxed informal game, high tea and BBQ after if weather permits.
Season starts with controversy!
A furious Dec White slammed League officials, as Shaftesbury were docked 20 points for failing to field a side for the first game of the season. Glaze's field is low lying and prone to winter flooding and it proved impossible to bring the square and outfield into playable standard due to the high level of the water table. This had been communicated to the away team who raised no issues - so it came as a bolt out of the blue when the league tables showed Shaftesbury on -20 points. Club Chairman has vowed to get the decision reviewed as play was clearly impossible. Dec commented:
"This is a ludicrous decision - we had a team selected and ready to play the game, I was in regular contact with Terry at the ground and it was clear that he was losing the battle with the conditions. In the end Terry had no option but to declare the ground unfit for play. We were all looking forward to the game so it was a massive disappointment for everyone concerned - to be docked points in such circumstances is a travesty."

Grant Aid Sought
With funding secured to complete the pavilion, disaster struck when the Club's heavy roller finally gave up the ghost over the winter. Try as he could, Terry could not coax any life out of the 1950s Stothert and Pitt this Spring. An emergency bid of 2,000 was made to the Foundation for Sport and the Arts to fund a replacement. FSA offcials have confirmed that the bid is under active consideration - although progress has been painfully slow. Better news from the Trinity Trust who have awarded 500 for youth cricket.
DCA Spring Newletter Online
Read all the latest from Roger and the DCA. Our dear old Lowton has made the front page!

Read it now.
Mid-week Friendly Programme

Shaftesbury CC has always been famous for its hospitality and in the past we have hosted many friendly mid-week touring sides. That was all disrupted by the move down to Glazes Field, but now we are once again in a position to open the bar to touring cricketers.

This year we have confirmed the following 3 fixtures:.

Dave Toogood will skipper the sides and Steve Milton will act as Fixture Manager, so if you would like a relaxing afternoon of friendly cricket, please phone Dave: (01747) 01747 852148 or Steve: (01722) 434255. We will be in touch.

Pre-Season Nets

7.00 - 8.00pm Wednesday 15th March
7.00 - 8.00pm Wednesday 29th March

Shaftesbury Leisure Centre

Club Meeting and first get-together of 2006: 7.30pm on 27 February at the Pavilion
Please come along to and get involved in our pre-season activities.

The Brainshaker is back - bigger and better than ever!
Monday 13th March at Salisbury Football Club - book your table early last year was a sell- out!
2006 Fixture List Now online: click the link on the left

AGM: 7.30pm 23 January at the Shaftebury Football Club - all members requested to attend.

Club Dinner: 7.30pm 18 November at the Coppleridge
Please book your place at the Club dinner at least three days before the event.

"Promotion was a pipe dream" - Weir
Well the season finished badly but it is now a distant memory as the Club prepares for a new and more successful season in 2006.

"Promotion still Reality" - Weir
Skipper Duncan Weir still believes that the Rockies can win promotion after four wins on the bounce put the hilltoppers right back in the thick of the promotion chase in Saturday Division I.
"It is going to be tough and we are going to need the lads to remain committed, but I think if we maintain our current form we could mount a realistic challenge. We have picked up some good wins in recent weeks and we have to continue that, then who knows?"

Ranston Disaster
Favourites and Cup- holders Shaftesbury threw away the Ranston cup final with a series of chaotic run outs and a lack of nerve from the tail. Shaftesbury bowled well to hold Ranston league champions Stalbridge to a modest score, but failed to cash in on the hard work of the bowlers. Liam Romanillos, Gillie Dawson and Skipper Grahame Hipworth all turned in tidy spells that frustrated Stalbridge, sending back a steady succession of of Steamers batters. But David Toogood managed to run-out his opening partner - who had fended off a bouncer that lobbed straight to point - and then perished himself for only four runs fencing lamely at a long-hop that had four written all over it. Hippy and Liam shared a useful middle order partnership, before Liam too was run- out failing to get out of the blocks and ambling along to be out by an inch at most. Hopes were still alive when Hippy fell with four overs to go and only a run-a-ball needed. However, the Shaftesbury tail lacked the composure to milk the bowling, perishing with a series of carbon copy slogs to cow corner that lacked any contact with ball or cricketing sanity. That was it. Scant compensation as the Convicts picked up the runners-up medals in both league and cup after the glories of 2004

Photo Reports
Milts' grainy kodachromes from the Ranston Final and from the latest Saturday League clash with Bournemouth at St James. Click the links on the left, and then click on the images to enlarge the photos. Feel free to take the photos for your own use.

Update from Alan in Oz

Hi Steve,

Alan Edwards from Australia calling. What has happened to the June match reports for the Shaftesbury cricket team. They are all great reading, to the point of serious plagiarism for my own team here, in Darwin where I am now completing a 12 month contract.

Don't tell me the weather has caused postponements?

Just letting you know that the famed pen of messrs Selbie and Co are now read 12,000 miles away!!!!!!


PROGRAM MANAGER - Active Directory Program NTG
Level 2 / 47 Mitchell Street, Darwin, NTG
Phone = 08 8980 5141
Mobile = 0427 060253

Baan Thai Evening: Your Last Reminder
Do you love the taste of the exotic orient? If so Shaftesbury Cricket Club pavilion is the place to be on the evening of Saturday 11 June. The latest in a busy social schedule, the Baan Thai evening will follow the match. So, turn up at 6.00pm and watch our next victory with a glass of wine (or cider, or beer, or anything) on the veranda. At the conclusion of the game we will order the biggest portion of Thai food ever to pass through the flaming woks of the Baan Thai restuarant. More beer, more mirth. Sheer delight. Don't miss it - even our rickety old VP Milts will be on hand to regale us with stories of his legendary five-fers, centuries, sixes through church windows and other match winning heroics spanning the whole of the 20th century (and that is before he gets onto his favourite subject of the cricket teas). Bring it on.

...and the 2005 match reports flood in!
If you happen to share a love of cricket with a love of classic literature and you have a stout sense of humour then this is the site for you! Our cricket correspondents are reacing new heights in their endeavours to bring you the strong chalky scent of village cricket in Dorset. The prose is lilting and the self deprecation unrelenting - mirth guaranteed. These match reports are becoming a national institution - even folks in far flung Cheshire are tuning in to read of our heroic exploits (I kid you not!) So, to you valiant scribes: raise up your quills and write; write with all the strength of your plucky souls, with all the love in your brave hearts and with all the wit of your mercurial minds. Write until the moon is above you and the stars... (steady on old son - Ed)

Incidentally, if you are not on the Club's mailing list and you want to read about the latest exploits on the sweetest thyme strewn meadows of Albion's fairest county - then click on the link to join our mailing list. ENJOY!

2005 Match Reports
Duncan has submitted his first report of the new season, a dark account of a funereal episode at Bere Regis. Read the full story on the match reports page (click the link on the left). And, as they say on crimewatch - 'don't have nightmares.'
Farnfield and Nichols Golf Day
The kind generosity of Farnfield and Nichols who hosted the first Shaftesbury Cricket Club Vice President's Golf Day is warmly appreciated by all at the Club. Sixteen teams battled it out at the picturesque Rushmore Park Golf Club on 19th April. Thanks also to the 10 local companies that sponsored holes. In all the day raised well over 1000 for the club, which will mean that the internal decoration of the pavilion will be finished on schedule this spring.
2005 Fixtures Now Online
2005 fixtures for all three League teams are available to download - simply click on the 'Fixtures 2005' link on the left...
Painting Party!
Get your rollers ready everyone! Terry will be organising a painting day at the Pavilion before the start of the new season - to get the changing rooms, bar and kitchen decorated. So stand by for the call and make sure you attend. One free pint for every hour you put in (kindly donated by Duncan)
The Brainshaker is a smash!
Giant Fundraising Quiz
Shaftesbury Football Club
Tuesday 23rd November 2004 7.00pm
Well what an eventful evening this proved to be! Milt's knowledge of the Monopoly Board was so sketchy that there were calls for him to go Directly to Jail. Luckily, he collected well over 200 for passing Go! With 29 teams packed into the Footie Club, the atmosphere was electric as teams from all over town battled out for the top spot. The final winnners of the Quiz were a side from the Football Club - Better Red than Dead. Good fun was had by all and the Cricket Club picked up over 600 towards the ongoing pavilion project. Thanks to everyone that supported this event.
The Rocky Road to Division Two!
A bright and optimistic start start to the new season in Division I has ended on the rocks for Shaftesbury Cricket Club.

Three consequetive victories announced the North Dorset side's impressive arrival in Division One of the Nationwide Sun Awnings Dorset First Division. The early results showed that, on their day, the Rockies can beat the best sides in Dorset and it seemed for one golden month that the Club stood on the threshold of a new era. Sadly, the optimism and confidence evaporated with a run of poor results and was in tatters by the beginning of August when the team hit rock bottom of the Division. Despite some encouraging performances towards the end of the season, the improvement came too late and relegation became a certainty with two games remaining. A weary skipper, Duncan Weir commented:

"Getting a settled team has been tough this year. I know from the squad there are 11 players capable of holding their own in this Division, the problem has been getting these players onto the pitch - and that is something we must get right if we are going to make a serious challenge for promotion again next year. I was also a little disappointed with the form of one or two of the more senior players in the side - and I include myself in that. We have not performed to the standards required. The batting was a bit hit-and-miss and we were always going to struggle to win matches with the ball this year. We must try to strengthen the bowling and achieve more solidity in the upper order batting next year."

With mid table finshes for both Sunday sides, Shaftesbury finish without a major trophy this year - the first year for a long while. But it has not been a bad year for the Club off the park. The new pavilion is now almost complete and 2005 will see the completion of the development, much to the delight of Development Manager, Terry Warder:

"Five years ago this was all a dream - we now have one of the finest facilities in Dorset. It will be a pleasure to welcome sides here in 2005. The pitch has improved during the season and we will be concentrating efforts to ensure we have a first class playing surface to match the facilities here.

Heartbreak at Dolman's
The Rockies hit the self destruct button away at Wayfarers on Saturday after having almost strolled to victory. A ridiculous batting collapse, left skipper Weir fuming:
"Having bowled out Wayfarers for a modest score, we should have secured a comfortable win. Needing only 36 off 16 overs we managed to lose 8 wickets for 20-odd runs. I could not believe my eyes, for a moment I thought I was watching Billy Smarts Circus clowns. We must recover our promotion form fast and I am enforcing extra net practice this week"
The defeat saw Shaftesbury slip to second place in Division I behind new leaders Marnhull.
Shaftesbury Smash Rec for Six
A brilliant six wicket victory over Hamworthy sent Shaftesbury to the top of Nationwide Dorset Saturday League Division 1. Shaftesbury's great start to the 2004 season under skipper Duncan Weir just gets better and better as the Rockies made it three out of three with another fine win on home turf at the Gypsy Bowl.

With in-form Weir absent on exam leave, Pickles Hayward took the helm and guided the Rockies with aplomb (as well as a plum or two). Thanks to a century stand between Guy Lowton and Michael Rawlinson Shaftesbury strolled home with six wickets in hand. Tragically for Rawlinson he was dismissed for 49 while in the middle of a terrific knock that deserved more. Thanks to two wickets and a fifty, Guy just edged the man of the match award.

"Cracking sponge pud and some good jam tarts made it a day to remember for me"
remarked a jubilant Pickles after the game.
Victory over Sherborne raises expectations A weakened XI pulled off a memorable victory at the Terraces to keep the victory bandwagon rolling. Skipper Duncan Weir went into the fixture with some trepidation, but emerged bouyant:

"This was a great result given the circumstances and one that shows that we will be able to compete at this level. Nothing can beat a winning streak for building confidence, and this team is now on a roll."

2004 Season gets off to a flying start!
Shaftesbury Cricket Club made it two out of two with a great win over Bournemouth at St James's on Saturday, following up a victory for the Sunday 2nd XI the previous week. In a low scoring affair Jamie Weir and Sam Hayward stole the honours with fine performances. Read all about it on our Match reports Page...

Alan Edwards a promising young colt who played in the 1st XI back around 1971 has found the website and written in with this amazing story!

Hello Steve,

Trolling around the Net the other day and found your site.

Brought back many happy memories of my childhood in Shaftesbury, growing up ( attended the SGS) and playing for SCC aged 14 with the likes of Pete Rolf, Graham Hough etc at the old Coppice Street Site. Had many games aged from 14-16 with the 1st Eleven, before moving on to Bristol, and then emigrating to Australia in 1971. Furthered my playing career here by eventually making A grade in Brisbane, having the dubious distinction of being Jeff Thompson's first wicket playing Club Cricket!!!!!! I still play, with the 4rth Grade, here on the Gold Coast. No Jeff Thompson's in this league!!

Tried to recognise a few names in the members list. Some seem familiar, like Graham Glaze, for example who had a brother Martin, and whose grandfather was the Coppice Street Ground keeper????

Great to see the Club is prospering. Hopefully, might visit the UK in July. Will look to check out the St James Ground.

Whenever I return to the UK to see my family, I always visit Shaftesbury, and walk along Coppice Street to the grounds, and stand where the Recreation Ground is, looking across the old ground, and remember my early days as a player, and how the likes of Pete R and Graham H schooled me in the fine traditions of the noble game. Happy Days.



Any one who would like to contact Alan should contact Steve for telephone number and email address.

The future of one of Dorset's oldest cricket clubs is now secure thanks to the support of Shaftesbury Town Council.

This week brought great news for everyone associated with Shaftesbury Cricket Club past and present when Shaftesbury Town Council agreed to fund a further 22,000 to enable the Club to complete its new pavilion in time for the start of the 2004 season. At a special meeting of the Council at the Town Hall on Monday 15th March the Councillors voted by 11- 1 to approve the additional funds on top of substantial grants awarded in 2002.

With the pavilion nearing completion and after a year of furious fundraising, by Christmas 2003 the Club had exhausted all of its reserves on the project and was contemplating closure. So the news came as a huge relief to project director and Club Vice-Chairman Terry Warder:

"The Club has put in a huge effort to raise the funds to complete this project with fun days, quizzes and donations from members. Kavanagh roofing generously helped out with the cost of roofing but we still came up short of the sum we needed - it was looking pretty bleak. Somehow, we scraped together enough money to keep the project moving by using our members to provide the labour. This is the best possible news and I know everyone associated with the Club will be raising a glass to the Town Council - their support has been absolutely superb."

After 50 years of cricket at Coppice Street, Shaftesbury Cricket Club was forced to move out of town in 2002 to make way for a new supermarket. Ironically, during the period of upheaval on the field the Club has been going from strength to strength - in 2003 securing two league titles. The club now has four senior league teams, two junior sides, six qualified coaches and a qualified umpire at the Club and with the pavilion now secure the prospects are looking good.

In readiness for the 2004 campaign, the Club is now on the lookout for new talent - seniors, juniors, umpires, scorers or supporters. If you are interested why not check out the Club's website.

The Great Shaftesbury Brainshaker
In aid of the Pavilion Appeal

The Grosvenor Hotel, Shaftesbury
Wednesday 26th November 2003, 7.00 pm

The Great Shaftesbury Brainshaker was a great success, raising over 550 for the Pavilion Appeal. Super Quins took the top prize!

"It just has to be finished by 1st May 2004!" That was the view of the Club executive Committee about the pavilion. To do that we still need to raise some cash. As a start there will be a massive drive over the winter kicking off with Charity Quiz at the Grovesnor - date to be confirmed in early November. Teams of 4 are invited at 6 per team. We expect all members to raise their own team plus bring along another team - friends, work mates, parents, neighbours in fact anyone. We want to see over 50 teams enter. We will be sending promotional literature and flyers to all members for you to distribute - shool and workplace noticeboards, cars, windows, shops and pubs - everywhere. Lets make this a massive success. There are also plans for a Race Night early next year, so get ready for that one too!

Sophie Rawlinson
Congratulations to Michael on the birth of his daughter Sopie at Salisbury Hospital at 7.50pm on 27th September. Sophie weighed in at a very bonnie 7lbs 14oz.

Tangled Up and Blue
Relationship break-ups. The web admin team have been heartbrkoken to learn of a number of recent relationship break- ups. Just shows how grouchy you boys get when there is no cricket going on! Lin is a qualified marriage guidance counsellor and is willing to help any of those having difficulty coming to terms with the feelings of loss. She has already started work on an article for the next newsletter.

Sunday League Division 4 Trophy!
Anyone seen it? We have to return it to the DCA so whoever has it on the mantlepiece please let Terry warder know.

Two Jags Barclay
Some of you may have heard this already but our Treasurer has now managed to write off two brand new Jaguars in only a year!

For most of us a hattrick is a once in a lifetime achievement, so just imagine our shock when Martyn Down finished off the Sunday second team season with 4 wickets in four balls. This feat plunged the opposition from 84-5 to 84 all out! Carnage! I have never heard of that before and Marty is still on for five consecutive dismissals with his first ball next year! Mad!

Lords, ladies and Henry Olonga
Not many of you will know this, but our dashing opening bat, Michael Rawlinson is the captain of the House of Lords Cricket Team. Yes it is true!

Now Tony Blair has decimated the Lords's squad and Michael has been having trouble finding players. So much trouble in fact that Honorary Knighthoods were bestowed on two Shaftesbury stalwarts - Dave Toogood and Duncan Weir! What a pair of cross- benchers. Yes Dave and Dunc represented the venerable establishment on the fields of Eton on 15th July at a friendly game against Eton Ramblers.

The other incredible fact is that DT ended up keeping wicket to none other than the Zimbabwean Henry Olonga, that heroic figure who's political opposition to Robert Mugabwe cost him his test career. Tentative overtures were made to Henry by the Shaston boys and we await his decision on a possible move to St James.

What a cracking story - and it is all true, see the picture!

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