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Shaftesbury Cricket Club works hard to raise funds to promote and sustain cricket in the Shaftesbury. NOw we have set up an online store that will help generate income for the Club.

The Club's online store has all the major retailers signed up - M&S, John Lewis, Comet, etc. Yep the big boys. All you have to do is shop online at our own store and the Club gets a big fat check for up to 10% of the value of your online purchases!

Is there any easier way to fund the club's activities? You shop already right? The good thing is you benefit from the good prices offered by these major retailers - much cheaper than the high street, plus the Club gets up to 1 for every 10 you spend.

Go to our store and have a look, I think you will be impressed. Why not encourage your friends to use it too!

Click one of the links below and shop till you drop...

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