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Neighbourhood Police in the Bourne Valley

The aim of Neighbourhood Policing is to have a dedicated policing team in our local community.

Wiltshire Police want to make a positive difference to our quality of life by dealing with day-to-day issues of crime and disorder, such as anti-social behaviour, graffiti, speeding, vandalism and problems with neighbours.

Local people tackling local issues

The Community Beat Manager for the Bourne Valley is PC Alan Day. He is based at Amesbury Police Station and responsible for the Amesbury (Rural) Neighbourhood Police Team - which includes The Bourne Valley. He is supported in his work by PCSOs William Todd and Shona Maycock as police community support officers.

Consultation with the local community is at the heart of successful neighbourhood policing and it is this engagement that will determine the priorities for the Neighbourhood Policing Team (NPT) and partner agencies. As a result each NPT has identified the main priorities for their neighbourhood and these are listed in the current Neighbourhood Watch Bulletin (see foot of page)

Message from PC Alan Day:

Some of you may be aware that there is now a Police Letter Box (to gather mail intended for the Neighbourhood Police Team). It is located within the Spar Shop in Porton village.

This Police Letter Box is intended for your use. Please feel free to use this box for reporting:

  • Crime information
  • Anti-social behaviour
  • Crime reduction initiatives
  • Contact with Local Officers
  • General Information etc

    This box is locked and only opened by a member of Wiltshire Police.
    ALL INFORMATION IS TREATED IN THE STRICTEST CONFIDENCE and can be reported anonymously. This box is NOT for reporting crimes.

    In an Emergency Ring 999
    for all other enquiries please ring 0845 408 7000 and ask for Amesbury Rural - Neighbourhood Policing Team. Or you may contact them direct by email:
    amesburyruralnpt@wil tshire.pnn.police.uk

  • POLICE Information Points in local Libraries
    Wiltshire Police and the county council have completed the roll- out of police and council information points to all full- time and part-time libraries.

    The information points, staffed by specially trained librarians, can handle "lost & found" queries, as well as answering common police enquiries.

    The points also include Freephones which have direct access to the non- emergency police number 0845 408 7000.

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    Neighbourhood Watch Bulletin - Summer 2010

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