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Image 1 for LOCAL NEWS
The Roadside BBQ for helpers after the successful Litter Pick event on 13th Nov


  • New Faces at The Old Inn
  • AGENDA for Next Parish Council meeting
  • Notice of PUBLIC MEETING about Broken Cross Bridge
  • Conversion plan rejected
  • A338 Speed Limits
  • New Website
  • Friends of Friendless Churches
  • Closure of Allington Church
  • Battery Recycling Scheme Launched
  • Allington and Boscombe in the Picture
  • Newton Tony Post Office
  • Bourne Valley Alliance of Parish Councils

  • New Faces at The Old Inn

    Joyce and Hughen are the new Licensees at The Old Inn at Allington
    To see the website:


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    to be held in Boscombe Social Club

    Coming shortly

    PUBLIC MEETING 24th July About 4-month closure of Broken Cross Bridge on A338

    Information from Winterbourne Parish Council:
    Notification of Public Meeting regarding Broken Cross Bridge, A338.
    Tuesday 24th July 2012 from 7pm to 9pm at the Glebe Hall, Winterbourne Earls, SP4 6HA.
    Network Rail has a scheme prepared to replace the bridge over the railway at Broken Cross on the A338. This will require the CLOSURE of the A338, Malthouse Lane and the Ford junction. Work will commence in late October 2012 and last for 15 weeks, concluding in February 2013.

    A presentation will be given by Network Rail - representatives from Wiltshire Council and the Highways Agency will be in attendance.

    Conversion plan rejected

    Plans to convert an outbuilding of a village pub into a three-storey house have been rejected by a planning inspector.

    Alan & Nicky Howe wanted to convert a single storey outbuilding at The Earl of Normanton pub in Tidworth Road, Allington into a three-bedroom, split level house with solar panels and a garden roof.

    They lodged an appeal after Wiltshire Council refused to grant planning permission on the grounds the house would be overbearing and out of character with the area.

    But planning inspector Nigel Payne said the overall size, height and shape of the building, the flat roof garden, the extensive areas of glazing and projecting balconies at the front would be in contract with the modest pitched roof houses that typify the area.

    Mr Payne dismissed the appeal.

    Extracted from Salisbury Journal, 23rd February 2012

    A338 Speed Limits

    Allington with Boscombe Parish Council have successfully applied for Wiltshire Council (Traffic and Network Management) to reduce the A338 speed limit to 30mph at the north end to Allington. So when is it going to happen?

    The Wiltshire Council have advised the Parish Council that,

    “In terms of the speed limit changes, Wiltshire Council have put together a two year programme for the delivery of all the changes proposed. This covers 120 locations across the County. These have been placed in 28 batches and prioritised for action on the basis of collision rates. The A338 at Allington is included in Batch 22. I can confirm that this project will not be lost and there is considerable activity taking place overall on delivering all the speed limit changes agreed. Allington is programmed but has to wait its turn. Given current progress on the earlier speed limit batches, I would expect that we will make contact with Allington Parish Council within this current financial year.”
    So, we have to wait our turn – but it will happen. In the meantime, the Village Transport Committee have also been successful in having Wiltshire Council Highways Department replace and renew the reflective warning posts on the long bend from the Old Inn up toward The Old Rectory.

    The Committee, together with the Parish Council, continue to pressure Wiltshire Council to reduce speed limits from Bourne View on down to The Earl of Normanton. However, the current situation is that this stretch of road has insufficient homes on the road frontage to meet Council requirements for speed reduction (current requirements are 6 home frontages on the road, every 100 metres, for a minimum of 600 metres). Highway rules and regulations relating to speed limits may change in future – so the Parish Council is keeping up the pressure.

    New Website

    Allington and Boscombe have a new village website where you can view all the latest news from the Parish Committees, Parish Plan and Parish events and a contact section to join our mailing group or have your say!
    www.allingtonwithboscombe- parish.co.uk

    Friends of Friendless Churches

    In early 2010 the Allington Church was closed for public worship. We are delighted to confirm that a national charity, Friends of Friendless Churches, has taken over the church and from now on is responsible for its upkeep and maintaining it as a national monument.

    The charity plans to undertake ongoing repairs and maintenance of the church and are keen that Allington residents know about their future plans.

    Resident’s concerns that the church could fall into disrepair, or one day to be the subject of unwanted development, are now passed – and we should all be very thankful.

    Closure of Allington Church

    Residents of Allington will no longer be able to use their village church when it closes its doors for good on 1st February 2010.

    St John the Baptist Church, built in the 1800s has been used by the community for hundreds of years, but has suffered from a dwindling congregation and a lack of funds. Following lengthy consultation with the community and the diocese, it was decided it was not viable to keep it open, meaning churchgoers will have to travel half a mile down the road to Boscombe to worship.

    Team Rector, Reverend Vanda Perrett, described the situation as a sad one, but said having two churches in the parish was just not sustainable. “As a priest, I would never want to be involved in closing a church building, that is not what I am about,” she said. “But I am also not about forcing the folk who go to church into driving themselves to exhaustion trying to maintain two buildings and all the work involved in raising funds and managing the building. It is such a sad, sad time and I know the last couple of services we have had there we have left the church with tears in our eyes. It is not something we wanted to do but the other church in the parish at Boscombe has got a large congregation and is a bigger building.”

    Once Allington Church closes and is signed over to the diocese’s board of property, meetings will be held to decide what will happen to the building in the future. Rev Perrett said two options have been discussed, one of which involves turning the building into a community space in the village. “We are not quite sure what the future holds but it is not a decision which is taken very quickly,” she said. “I think that if it could be a space which could be used by the community, that would be a wonderful thing.”

    Extracted from Salisbury Journal, 21st January 2010

    Battery Recycling Scheme Launched

    You can now take all your spent household batteries to any one of the ten household recycling centres in Wiltshire where you will find new collection containers, which people are asked to use as directed on site.

    The sites will accept all types of household batteries, including rechargeable battery packs used in DIY tools and digital cameras, laptop batteries, small "button" or watch-type batteries, as well as the typical AA and AAA type batteries. Car batteries, which have been collected at the sites for several years, will continue to be recycled in separate containers.

    Batteries contain a range of heavy metals that can be used for other purposes once the batteries have been recycled.

    Allington and Boscombe in the Picture

    Bourne Valley Historical Society would welcome photographs taken in the Bourne Valley Parishes of Winterbourne, Idmiston, Allington, Newton Tony and Cholderton. We are happy to copy and return your original photographs.

    Please contact the Secretary, Maureen Atkinson on 01980 611311 or mea@dial.pipex.com

    Newton Tony Post Office

    OPEN Tuesdays and Thursdays 8.45am - 11.15am
    at the Memorial Hall, NEWTON TONY

    Postage - banking - cash withdrawals - bill payments (including Wiltshire Council) travel money (euros in stock) travel insurance to go - savings + investments - telephony and mobile top ups and more

    Plenty of parking

    I also stock a range of everyday essentials including bread, milk, eggs, newspapers, grocery and stationery, and of course, confectionery!

    New service - dry cleaning: standard items only £3.99. Orders taken!

    I am happy to deliver grocery boxes or bulky items within Newton Tony - come and see me (Wendy) in the Post Office

    or call on 01980 611201

    Guide to Information available from Allington Parish Council

    (under the Freedom of Information Act) - see new page on this website

    The Bourne Valley Alliance of Parish Councils:
    What is it?

    The BVAPC is an alliance of the five parishes of the Bourne Valley; Cholderton, Newton Tony, Allington with Boscombe, Idmiston and Winterbourne. It was formed to promote the interests of the Bourne Valley community (3,569 residents) and to negate Boundary Commission proposals that the valley be split into two separate Electoral Divisions. Whether this succeeds or not, the BVAPC is an important new entity which has been publicised in the Salisbury Journal and has the support of our local MP, Robert Key. The BVAPC meets at least quarterly and more often when there are serious issues to discuss. The composition of the BVAPC is Chairman or Deputy Chairman of each of the five member Parish Councils. The interests and permanent agenda of the BVAPC encompass mutual interests in:
  • The A338, its condition, traffic flow and safety
  • The River Bourne and its flood plain
  • Education and the Salisbury Diocese of Churches in the Bourne Valley
  • Bourne Valley Good Neighbour Link Scheme, which has provided help and support for Bourne Valley residents since 2004
  • Bourne Valley Day Centre for the Elderly, which has met every Friday to provide a day of social care for the elderly since 1981
  • Bourne Valley Historical Society, which was formed in 1948 to record and conserve the history of the Bourne Valley
  • Distribution of funds available from building works for projects in the Bourne Valley community
  • The newly proposed Bourne Valley Youth Scheme to help the youth of the area enjoy the available amenities within the Bourne Valley
  • The current Allington PC representative on the BVAPC is Michael Brunton.

    Image 2 for LOCAL NEWS