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Learning to Listen in schools

Who is this group for?
This group is aimed at both Primary and Secondary school children along with school staff and parents

What is this group trying to achieve?
This group wants to achieve better communication skills in children and adults alike.

How often does this group meet?
This course usually consists of 6 sessions usually one per week plus ongoing support. For more information on dates please use the contact information below.

What happens in this group?
In this group the teaching is done from the front and includes activities, discussions demonstration and practice. Refreshments are included.

Is a specific programme followed?
The Acorn Christian Foundation: Learning to listen in schools is followed.

Who runs this group?
This group is run by The Acorn Accredited Christian Listening Tutors who are school trained.

Contact details
Contact name:
Jayne Pearce
Telephone number:
Emailr ichjyane@aol.com