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How can you be there for loved ones

These are just some of the questions that im sure someone trying to 'come out' would be thinking about. And unfortunatly i cant answer them, because everyone responds differently to this subject, all i can say as advice is go to someone you trust and take it from there.

Parents and friends really need to be supportive of their child's/mates decisions, it takes alot of courage and trust to feel strong and confident enough to actually tell your parents and friends of a change in sexuality, especially with all the pressures of society these days to live a heterosexual lifestyle. Just remember...

Homosexual orientation and behavior is happening and whether it’s approved of or not, it’s not going to change. Love and attraction has many shapes, colours and forms it is not all set out, it cannot be measured or defined in terms of sexual orientation.And neither should friendships or realationships. It doesn’t matter if someone you know ‘comes out’ and confesses to being a lesbian, they are still the same person, the same person you befriended and the same person you loved. You wouldn’t turn away a relative if they were dying of cancer, so why would you turn away, when someone who must feel seriously confused and afraid needs you and has come to you for support. Remember just because you yourself don’t subject to homosexuality, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t embrace others that do. Especially if they happen to be friends or realtives. Deep down we are all the same it is just our choices that determine who we really are and we should all be there to support each other, even if it means trying to come to terms with a loved ones change in sexual orientation. I understand that accepting this will be difficult in some cases, but if you really care about someone does it matter as to their sexual preference?

So how can you help?

Well the answer to this is simple... support them, hold them close when things are hard, ( because make no assumptions things will be incredably hard, but thats why they need your support more than ever)tell them that they are still loved and explain that you will ALWAYS be there for them! Knowing that they have the love and support of a loved one will make the transition in life so much easier for them and believe me, they will never forget what you have done for them.

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