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Biblical views

What does religion say about homosexuality?

Some religions believe that homosexual orientation is sinful; others emphasize that it is only the bodily act or the act of deliberately cultivating fantasies that are sinful. In other words, only an engagement of the will. Religious opponents of identical rights for non- heterosexuals believe that supporting "pro-gay" rights would constitute approval of homosexuality and bisexuality, by promoting wilful acts of homosexuality. They say that such approval is incompatible with their faith.

Opposition to equal rights protections, same-sex marriage, and hate crime legislation is often associated with conservative religious views. This opposition is shown by individuals active in the human rights movement as being part of a pattern of religiously-based (and Biblicly rationalized) resistance to expansion of the sphere of human rights.

What are religious reactions to homosexuality?

Lesbians and gay men have actually been murdered, subjected to grose human rights violations, or otherwise persecuted under various jurisdictions, most notably by the Nazi regime.

Persecution of lesbians and gay men is also common in conservative Islamic nations such as Saudi Arabia, where gay men have reportedly been beheaded, or forced into therapy.

The Taliban regime in Afghanistan reportedly executed lesbians and gay men by burying them alive.

Prior to the repeal of laws regarding lesbians and gay men as criminals, persecution was common in many Western countries, including the United Kingdom and the USA. Lesbians and gay men were frequently imprisoned and/or forced to undergo what are now considered barbaric treatments.

There is actually a well known case, in which a computer scientist and well-known homosexual: Alan Turing commited suicide after undergoing court-ordered hormone therapy against his will. Wrong or what?

Expression of the view that homosexuality is immoral can also be found in the form of verbal discrimination against lesbians and gay men in hate speech, often aimed at inciting physical violence. Specifically, some translations of the Old Testament have been used to argue that gay men should be punished with death, and AIDS has been portrayed by some such as Fred Phelps as a punishment by God against gay men and lesbians. However, as of 2005 according to the United Nations more heterosexuals are contracting AIDS compared to lesbians and gay men on a global scale.

In the bible and every other religious book to date, it states that,(in not so many words)homosexuality is wrong. And because of this homosexuals are forbidden to marry in churches; mosques, synagogues and all other places of worship and reflection.

I have found countless quotes and comments from religious figure heads and other homophobic people, all completely against same sex marriages. One that particularly stood out was this, 'God has a plan for marriages and this isn't it. Allowing this kind of marriage will pave the way for all sorts of moral depravity.'

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