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Why me

Why me image Why do some people feel enclined to become homosexual?...

Is a question that scientists and behavoural specialists all over the world have been trying to answer for years.

There are numerous theories as to why certain individuals are orientated towards homosexuality as aposed to heterosexuality, but any idea they come up with can never be anything more than speculation;

  • Theory 1:nature,
  • Theory 2:nurture,
  • Theory 3:nurture and nature.

As you can probably see, these are rather vague or general ideas. But i have managed to find some more in- depth 'explanations'.

Homosexual experiances:

Any homosexual experiances in early childhood, in particular if it is that said persons first sexual experiance with an adult.

Any homosexual contact with an adult, in particular with and adult or authority figure.

The results of a random survey showed that 5% of adult homosexuals compared with 0.8% of heterosexuals had childhood involvements with teachers through primary or/and secondry school.

Family abnormality:

  • A dominant, possessive or rejective mother.
  • An absent, distant or rejecting father,
  • a parent with homosexual proclivities, in particular one who molests younger children of the same sex.
  • A sybling with homosexual tendencies, eg. molestation of a younger brother or sister.
  • Lack of a religious home environment,
  • divorce, unfortunatly a problem that can lead to homosexual tendencies for both children and adults.
  • Parents who model unconventional sex roles.
  • Condoning homosexuality as a legitimate way of living, lifestyle.E.g welcoming homosexuals, friends, co- workers into the family circle.

  • Precoosious or excessive masterbation.
  • Exposure to pornography in Childhood.
  • Depersonalized sex, eg. group sex or beastiality, (sex with animals)
  • or with girls, sexual interaction with adult males

And cultural influences:

  • Exp eriencing a pro-homosexual education through youth,
  • Society or sub- culture that invites curiosity and encourages exploration