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What is homosexual orientation

Image 1 for What is homosexual orientation What is homosexual orientation?

Homosexual orientation is undeniably a label, a label given to someone to determine sexual preference.

So in literal terms which sex/sex's a said person is romantically, physically, emotionally and sexually attracted to. That person would then be labeled as one of the following:

  • Heterosexual - individuals who are attracted to the same sex.
  • Bisexuals - individuals who are attracted to both sexs.
  • Homosexauls - the general term used to indicate that somone is either:
  • Gay - males who are attracted to other males.
  • Lesbians - females who are attracted to other females.

    To homosexuals the word "orientation" means to focus ones sexual desires. And the majority of the homosexual population believe that they are born with the same sex orientation and that it cannot be changed.

Image 2 for What is homosexual orientation

Can people change their sexual orientation?

When a person has been 'labelled' as being either a gay or a lesbian, people from all areas of the globe assume that it is permanent, and that somones homosexuality can not be changed. Well i think this is absurd, we all have the freedom to change our minds in everything we do. I believe it is called 'free will'. Isnt it strange how entire countries will stand together in war to fight for freedom and the right of free will, but when that is achieved it turns out to be all for nothing. People have a right to decide who and what they are in their lives. However that doesnt always apear to be the case, because if your choice doesnt appeal to everyone, it becomes disregarded and in some cases discriminated against. For goodness sake we live in a world of democracy not dictatorship. We are all entittled to our choices, because its our choices that make us who we are.