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Visually Impaired - difficulty in reading small print and writitng answers in boxes on forms. Problems with facial recognition.

Reading - small print on charts and drug labels, is nearly impossible to read. The use of a magnifying glass makes life easier. However, you may meet opposition from your superiors.

Under the Disability Discrimination Act 1995, the use of a mahnifying glass constitutes 'a minor adjustment'. Contact the RNIB or Access To Work for confirmation.

Writing - this can be a greater problem especially completing charts or forms. A magnifying glass can help as well as good lighting.

Facial Recognition - difficulties with this usually mean you have tio get closer to the patient, relative or member of staff, in order to visually identify them. It may mean that when assessing your patients instead of being able to look from the door, you will have to stand at the foot or even near the head of the bed. You will just appear more conscientous!

You will learn 'tricks' which will help you to continue to be a safe practitioner. Generally, tasks which you were once able to complete quickly will take you longer. Its frustrating but it means you are still safe.

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