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Applications for 2007 - 08 are now being accepted, the deadlines for applications are:-

Deadline for Tranche 1 - 9th March 2007
Deadline for Tranche 2 - 13th July 2007
Deadline for Tranche 3 - 9th November 2007

South Wiltshire Area Grants are for the benefit of local people and projects that are specific to a geographical area within the Salisbury District. You can apply for either a Major Grant or a Minor Grant under the SWAG scheme.

A Minor Grant is for modest projects up to 500 and a Major Grant is for anything over 500, but normally less than 5000, to help develop projects and initiatives based in Salisbury District.

You can apply for a grant if:

  • Your group is set up for charitable purposes
  • your aims and objectives are clear and well defined and are of real benefit to the community
  • you have a constitution or set of rules (which must be included in the application form)
  • you have a bank or building society account with at least two signatories and you have annual accounts or a statement of income and expenditure (which also must be included with your application)
  • your group has, or is working towards, an equal opportunities policy
  • you are a group of people, not necessarily constituted, who have specifically come together to run a project. However, you must have a separate bank account. Grants in these circumstances will be made on a one-off basis and if you wish to apply for further grants in the future, you must become formally constituted
  • you are a core-funded group (i.e. one that Salisbury District Council already contributes towards) and you wish to make an application in addition to your core services. However, you are not permitted to build in any costs that cover revenue expenditure (e.g. salaries, overheads)
  • You are a school association/PTA applying for a grant which is for an extra-curricular activity that would benefit the wider community, subject to funds being ring- fenced and to applicants establishing a separate bank account.

We welcome applications from new groups. As new groups would not be able to provide a set of accounts for their last two years, we need instead an estimate of your income and expenditure for your first years.

You do not have to be a registered charity or recognised by the Inland Revenue to apply for a grant. We will check your eligibility as we review your application form.

Assistance with your Application - Contact Names

If you have a question that is of a technical nature specific to your application, then you are advised to speak to a technical officer (see below). If you require further information on deadlines for applications or help completing the form, please contact the technical officer.

Sports & Leisure

Louise Cary (Principal Sports Development Officer) TEL: 01722 43427

Community Transport

Geoff Hobbs (Transportation Officer) TEL: 01722 434581

Community Development & Participation

Amber Skyring TEL: 01722 434568


Rachel Efemey TEL: 01722 434307

Community Safety

Community Safety Projects Manager TEL: 01722 434680

Local Agenda 21/Wildlife and Land Conservation

Enviroment Community Development Officer TEL: 01722 434677

Village Halls/Parish Halls

John Dowsett at Community First TEL: 01380 722475

Economic Development

Celine Mills TEL: 01722 434329

Parks/Play Areas

Reg Williams TEL: 01722 434239
Sarah Hughes TEL: 01722 434674

Conservation for Buildings

Conservation Officer TEL: 01722 434387

Buildings in General

Kevin Butcher TEL: 01722 434636


Andrew Reynolds TEL: 01722 434636