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Area Committees

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Salisbury District Council has 4 Area Committees - City Area, Southern Area, Northern Area and Western Area.

The purpose of these committees is to allow decisions to be made as close to the communities they represent as possible and to bring together all tiers of local government (County Councillors, District Councillors and Parish Councillors).

An Area Committee is made up of District Councillors representing each ward in the respective area, any County Councillors who represent any or part ward/parish in each Area, Parish Councillors and if applicable a representative from the Tenants Panel.

Role of Parish Council

One representative from each Parish:

  • speak on local community matters or matters affecting the whole area
  • speak on planning applications that affect their parish
  • vote on certain matters e.g. consultation
  • submit agenda items

Role of County Councillors

  • submit agenda items
  • speak on all issues
  • vote on certain items

Role of District Councillors

  • submit agenda items
  • speak on all issues
  • vote on all items

Planning Matters

There is an extensive delegation of planning decisions to Officers of Salisbury District Council. However, there are many safeguards in place to ensure that those decisions better made by Councillors are brought to Committee. Councillors can also request an item to be brought to Committee. When an item is brought to an Area Committee, there is no requirement for Councillors to agree with the recommendation of the Council Officers’. However, sound reasons must be given in all circumstances.

Any approvals contrary to the local plan may need to be referred to the Planning and Regulatory Panel.

Other Functions

as listed in the constitution of Salisbury District Council include:

  • create, stop up, divert, grant and protect rights of way
  • street naming and numbering tree preservation and hedgerow protection
  • management of air quality
  • designation of footpaths as cycle tracks
  • all noise and statutory nuisance matters
  • dispense SWAG (South Wiltshire Area Grant) funding (see separate page entitled SWAG)
  • determine Public Entertainment Licences
  • develop community strategy.


To find out more about the budgets for SWAG please contact the Area Coordinator.

Public Participation

See separate page relating to public questions

In order to encourage greater public participation at Area Committees the following steps have been taken by Salisbury District Council

  • advertising in local media
  • posters displayed in local shops, post offices, libraries and village notice boards
  • meetings held in local village halls

During the meeting itself, public participation is allowed in the following circumstances:

  • 15 minute public question or statement time at the beginning of the meeting
  • speaking on community issues
  • speaking on planning applications
  • at the discretion of the Chairman

Supporting the Area Committees

In order to assist the Members of the Area Committees, the following Officers also attend
  • 4 Area Coordinators (1 per area)
  • Area Planning Officer (s)
  • Other officers from any Council unit/department if a report or a subject relevant to them is discussed

Contact Details

If anyone has a question regarding Area Committees, please feel free to contact the Democratic Services Unit at Salisbury District Council either by telephone on (01722 434408) as a general number or by e-mail

City Area The City Area Coordinator is James Chamberlain

Northern Area

Southern Area
The Area Coordinator is Lindsay Mertens

Western Area
The Area Coordinator is Arabella Davies