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My Family

Ron Milton

My grandfather, Ron at the Acropolis around 1924. Ron was John North's third son with Maria Milton. He was born in St Pancrets Cottage in Rodewater, Somerset.

Ron was orphaned at an early age and he was placed at a Naval Training ship on the Thames. He served in the Merchant Navy for many years before returning to Somerset with his wife Marge and young son Michael. He served in the Broadway Home Guard during WW2 and died in the 1970s.

Ron and Me

Ron was a big man and he had a hard life, but he was a gentle giant. He was a staunch socialist and hated racism. He held strong views on social issues, like his father before him and like those that have followed.


This is a great photo of Ron in his pomp. This looks like Minehead beach about 1930.


This is how I remember Ron - a cheery soul puffing constantly on Embassy cigarettes.

Penn Bucks

Ron and Marge entered service when Ron came out of the Merchant Navy. They lived for a while in Penn in Buckinghamshire - where their only son Michael was born in 1934.

Mike Milton

Ron and Marge with Michael at No.2 Cleal Cottages, Broadway, Somerset at the end of the war.

Mike Milton

Mike Milton at Woolwich Barracks during his national Service.

Mike and the Boys

Mike and the Milton boys around 1970.

That's me at Bristol Zoo in 1967. North's great grandson.

This is an old one of Ron, Michael and Uncle Bert - Maria Milton's brother.

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