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Current Planning Applications

Click here to see a list of current planning applications decided upon by Wiltshire Council relating to Fovant. - please note this link no longer works, we have had an enquiry with Wiltshire Council since July 2015 to correct this.

While we wait for Wiltshire Council to respond to us, below is a snapshot of the most recent applications as of 7 April 2020.

Please note that sadly the links in the table don't work, but it might give you a clue what to search for on Wiltshire Council's planning website here

Application Site Proposal
20/02067/FUL Sunnydale Tisbury Road Fovant SP3 5JY Removal of chimney and installation of replacement roof covering.
20/01913/FUL Dean Farm Dean Lane Fovant Salisbury Wiltshire SP3 5LQ Proposed extensions to existing barns to provide additional storage and office space for agricultural business. Removal of existing dilapidated buildings. Proposed Recladding of existing steel frame barn buildings.
20/01618/FUL Moor Cottage Moor Hill Fovant SP3 5LB Pair of semi-detached houses
20/01617/FUL Land Adjacent Moor Cottage Moor Hill Fovant SP3 5LB Pair of semi-detached houses.
20/01922/TCA The Rectory Shaftesbury Road Fovant SP3 5JA G1 - Row of Cypress on boundary and adjacent shrubs (Hazel, eleagnus) - Fell to ground level.
20/01558/TCA The Firs High Street Fovant Salisbury Wiltshire SP3 5JL T1 - Weeping Ash - Fell
20/00862/FUL Levels Mill Lane Fovant SP3 5JP Proposed single storey extension and replacement garage.
19/12099/FUL Fovant Hut Fovant Road From Fifield Bavant Fovant SP3 5LN Proposed demolition of existing extension, and erection of new extension. Proposed roof solar panels and associated ground works.
20/00389/TCA The Gables High Street Fovant Salisbury Wiltshire SP3 5JL 20 -25% crown reduction of 2 Beech trees back to an appropriate pruning point (to include lower laterals)
19/11710/FUL Runnymede Cottage Brook Street Fovant Salisbury Wiltshire SP3 5JB Proposed single-storey, side extension to existing 2-storey detached house.

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