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Lake Garda 2002

Summer 2002

Oldies but Goldies

Winter 2002

Bulgaria1 2003

Bulgaria2 2003

Bulgaria 3 2003

Dartmoor 1 2003

Dartmoor 2 2003

Mixed Salad

Dartmoor day 2

Dartmoor day 1

Summer 2003

IOW 2003

Bournemouth 2003

Exmoor 1

Exmoor 2

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Oldies but Goldies

Oldies but Goldies image

HMS Invincible

On board the flight deck of HMS Invincible

Butlins, circa 1978

When I were a lad (Butlins, I think)

Australia, Jan.1989

Australia, Jan.1989

Australia, Jan.1989

Nicola and Andrew's at Andrew's 18th - Crossways Inn, near Wells, Summer 1990

Tenerife, Summer 1990

Tenerife, Summer 1990. From the left - Adrian (Marsh), Andrew (Buckwell), Nicola (Buckwell), Chris (Parker), Lisa (Munday), Mum, Bruce, Claire, Mark, Dawn. Photographer: Andy.

3rd August 1996

I remember that - 3rd August 1996