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Lake Garda 2002

Summer 2002

Oldies but Goldies

Winter 2002

Bulgaria1 2003

Bulgaria2 2003

Bulgaria 3 2003

Dartmoor 1 2003

Dartmoor 2 2003

Mixed Salad

Dartmoor day 2

Dartmoor day 1

Summer 2003

IOW 2003

Bournemouth 2003

Exmoor 1

Exmoor 2

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Exmoor 2

Exmoor 2 image

James strikes a pose

A cricket pitch that probably even beats Newlands for just sheer beauty

Refreshments at Tarr Steps

Water powered cliff top rail linb between Lynton and Lynmouth

Babe in the Woods

Sunday 17th August 2003, 2.30pm - Man comes down from the trees

Bridge over the River Lyn

On the edge of the abyss, between Valley of the Rocks and Lynton