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Wiltshire Rural Business Club Past Meetings

Last Updated 28 January 2014 15:18

DATE - Tuesday 22 January 2013
VENUE - The Queens Head, Broadchalke
SPEAKER - Ian Hunter
SUBJECT - Alternative investments

DATE - Tuesday 20 November 2012
VENUE - The Lamb at Hindon
SPEAKER - Robin Miller
SUBJECT - The Management of Stress & Conflict

DATE - Tuesday 18 September 2012
VENUE - Black Dog
SPEAKER - Basil Mienie
SUBJECT - Enthusiasm

DATE - Tuesday 17 July 2012
VENUE - Ashley Wood Farm
SUBJECT - Social possibilities

DATE - Tuesday 15 May 2012
VENUE - The Crown at Alvediston
SPEAKER - Chris Stanbury
SUBJECT - Nigel Botteral (Botty's Rules)

DATE - Tuesday 20 March 2012
VENUE - Penduddocke Arms, Dinton
SPEAKER - Gary Taylor Value cars
SUBJECT - Customer Care

DATE - Tuesday 17 January 2012
VENUE - The George Inn, Longbridge Deverill
SPEAKER - Barry Fitzpatrick
SUBJECT - What is happening to cheques?
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DATE - Tuesday 15 November
VENUE - Queens Head, Broadchalke
SPEAKER - Sarah Ackroyd

DATE - Tuesday 20 September
VENUE - Black Dog Chilmark
SPEAKER - Mike Brown of Trinity Accountants
SUBJECT - When the going get's tough, how to keep going.

DATE - 19 July 2011
VENUE - Bison Farm, West Knoyle
SPEAKER - Colin Seaford, about the Bison
SUBJECT - Social and Networking Event

DATE - 17 May 2011
VENUE - Penruddock Arms, Dinton
SPEAKER - Bill Brown from Salisbury Journal
SUBJECT - Making the News

DATE - 15 March 2011
VENUE - The Queens Head Broadchalke
SPEAKER - Cravenplan
SUBJECT - Marketing Workshop

DATE - 18 January 2011
VENUE - The Black Dog
SPEAKER - Hugh Davies
SUBJECT - Finance workshop

DATE - 16 November
VENUE - The George Inn, Longbridge Deverill
SPEAKER - Banshee Events
SUBJECT - Speed Networking event by Banshee Events

DATE - Monday 27th September
VENUE - The Swan at Stoford
SPEAKER - Chris Jolly solicitor from Middleton Upshall of Warminster
SUBJECT - "Small Businesses' interaction with the law" or rather "a tale of shattered dreams"

DATE - Tuesday 20 July
VENUE - Langford Lakes Nature reserve
SPEAKER - Chris Riley
SUBJECT - Social and Networking event, BBQ

DATE - 18 May
VENUE - Penruddock Arms, Dinton
SPEAKER - Sarah Ackroyd
SUBJECT - Writing good marketing material

DATE - 19 January
VENUE - The George Inn, Longbridge Deverill
SPEAKER - Rodger Seaman of Business Class
SUBJECT - Winning and Retaining Good Clients

DATE - 17 November
SPEAKER - Dr Mike Allen
SUBJECT - The Small Time Entrepreneur

DATE - 15 September
VENUE - Queens Head, Broad Chalke
SPEAKER - Ian Hunter
SUBJECT - 0 to 60 in 15 Years

DATE - Tuesday 21 July 2009
VENUE - The Wool Store Codford
SUBJECT - Social and Networking Event

DATE - Tuesday 19 May 2009
VENUE - Black Dog, Chilmark
SPEAKER - Jane Mackay of Jane Mackay Coaching
SUBJECT - AGM and Speaker

DATE - Tuesday 17 March 2009
VENUE - The Penruddocke Arms, Dinton
SPEAKER - Liz Granville-Sharp of LX Marketing
SUBJECT - Marketing

DATE - Tuesday 20 January 2009
VENUE - The Swan at Stoford
SPEAKER - Mike Brown from Trinity Accountants
SUBJECT - How to Survive the Financial Situation

DATE - Tuesday 18 November 2008
VENUE - Angel Inn, Hindon
SPEAKER - Amanda Bryant from Banshee Events
SUBJECT - Keep your Customers Happy

DATE - Tuesday 16 September 2008
VENUE - The Penruddocke Arms, Dinton
SPEAKER - Alastair Barrett
SUBJECT - Health & Safety issues

DATE - Tuesday 22 July 2008
VENUE - The ginger Piggery
SPEAKER - Caroline Wheatly-Hubbard
SUBJECT - Social Event

DATE - Tuesday 20 May 2008
VENUE - The Crown Inn , Alvediston
SPEAKER - Ceri Hurford-Jones from Spire FM
SUBJECT - Radio Advertising

DATE - Tuesday 18 March 2008
VENUE - The Queens Head Inn, Broad Chalke
SPEAKER - Wendy Carmichael
SUBJECT - Save Money and the Environment

DATE - Tuesday 15 January 2007
VENUE - The Black Dog
SPEAKER - Hugh Davies & Ian Sheekey
SUBJECT - Capital Gains Tax Shock for Small Businesses

DATE - Tuesday 20 November 2007
VENUE - The Compasses at Chicksgrove
SPEAKER - Jacqui Mann
SUBJECT - Employment Law Update

DATE - Tuesday 10 July 2007
VENUE - The Bison Farm
SUBJECT - Social Event

DATE - Tuesday 8 May 2007
VENUE - The Crown at Alvediston
SPEAKER - Martin Fisher
SUBJECT - Exhibiting

DATE - Tuesday 13 March 2007
VENUE - The George at Mere
SPEAKER - Dennis Flexney-Briscoe
SUBJECT - marketing topic

DATE - Tuesday 16 January 2007
VENUE - The Queens Head at Broadchalke
SPEAKER - Tony from Banshee
SUBJECT - Making the most of Networking

DATE - Tuesday 21 November 2006
VENUE - The George at Longbridge Deverill
SPEAKER - Chris Stanbury
SUBJECT - The Naked computer

Chris Stanbury showed us the components that go to make up a computer and explained what their function was. He then connected up the various components on the table and it worked. Many questions ensued, from the 22 members present. Much networking took place during and after the meal that followed.

DATE - Tuesday 19 September 2006
VENUE - The Black Dog Chilmark
SPEAKER - Steve Archer
SUBJECT - Tax returns

DATE - Tuesday 18 July 2006
VENUE - Hidden Brewery / The Bell at Wylye
SPEAKER - Conducted tour of the Brewery
SUBJECT - Social Event

DATE - Tuesday 16 May 2006
VENUE - The crown Inn at Alvediston
SPEAKER - David Dean from D & R Marketing

David Dean gave a lively talk on marketing. He gave some interesting examples of what not to do and how we should go about it. Work out what you do – then tell people. Do marketing a little and often, target customers; work out your USP (unique selling point) to help us do this David gave us all a questionnaire to complete to create our own USP.

DATE - Tuesday 21 March 2006
VENUE - The George Inn at Mere
SPEAKER - Dennis Flexney-Briscoe
SUBJECT - Getting the Price Right

Dennis Flexney-Briscoe gave the members present some ideas for “Getting the price right”. Dennis discussed several methods of arriving at a price for manufacturers and retailers but stressed that after making sure that you are selling at a profit see what the going rate in your market is, stressing, we do not buy things, we buy benefits. Service industries should look at the benefit to the customer, be sure of your self, be proud of your price, charge what the market will bare.

DATE - Tuesday 17 January 2006
VENUE - Black Dog - Chilmark
SPEAKER - Teresa Allwood
SUBJECT - The work of The Prince's Trust

Teresa gave an overview of all the aspects of the work of the Prince's Trust and then elaborated on the specific work done with young people who wish to start their own businesses, detailing the training courses they provide and the mentoring they do to help progress the business after it has been started. Her presentation generated much lively discussion, leading to a successful evening.


DATE - Tuesday 15 November 2005
VENUE - George at Longbridge Deverill
SPEAKER - Bob Hill of Conservation Management, Wessex Archaeology
SUBJECT - Using heritage as a marketing tool

Bob Hill from Conservation Management  encouraged the listeners to use our local heritage as a marketing tool to promote their products and services. Bob went on to describe some of the work of Conservation Management, giving a very interesting insight it their work.


DATE - Tuesday 20 September 2005
VENUE - Penruddocke Arms, Dinton
SPEAKER - Gerard O'Donovan, from Noble Manhattan
SUBJECT - The seven qualities of all super achievers

Gerard gave a lively talk on the qualities of super achievers under the headings of - hard work - Courage - Persistence - Self discipline - Personal power - Willingness to change - Positive mental attitude. these were all delivered in the form of a parable or story.

DATE - Tuesday 19 July 2005
VENUE - Bison Farm
SUBJECT - BBQ - Social event with Wine tasting from Sunbird wines

DATE - Tuesday 17 May 2005
VENUE - The Crown Inn at Alvediston
SPEAKER - Hugh Davies
SUBJECT - financial matters that may be topical after the budget

DATE - Tuesday 15 March 2005
VENUE - The George at Mere
SPEAKER - Jacqueline Flexney-Briscoe

DATE - Tuesday 18 January 2005
VENUE - The George - Longbridge Deveril
SPEAKER - Tony Brown of Withy King solicitors in Trowbidge
SUBJECT - Employment law

DATE - Tuesday 16 November 2004
VENUE - Black Dog - Chilmark
SPEAKER - Sue Landon
SUBJECT - Effective marketing

Sue, an experienced marketing consultant, gave a fascinating talk about how we should be dealing with our customers. We particularly enjoyed the exercise in communication we were invited to take part in, most revealing.

DATE - Tuesday 21 September 2004
VENUE - Penruddock Arms
SPEAKER - Colourworks
SUBJECT - Team building - Nick Fewings

Nick gave a fascinating talk about personality types and got us all thinking about how teams work. A great evening - enjoyed by all.

DATE - Tuesday 20 July
VENUE - Army Flying Museum - Middle Wallop
SUBJECT - BBQ - Social event

DATE - Tuesday 18 May
VENUE - Cravenplan Computers - Swallowcliffe
SPEAKER - Chris Stanbury
SUBJECT - E-Bay for business and fun - all you ever wanted to know about E- Bay

DATE - Tuesday 16 March 2004
VENUE - The George Inn, Mere
SPEAKER - Carole Buksh
SUBJECT - Collecting your debts


Carole Buksh gave an informative talk on managing financial matters in a business. Credit control was discussed in detail with various examples given of how to speed up payment of monies owed to you.

Ian Storey gave a short presentation on the formation of a new rural business network covering the whole of rural Wiltshire.

DATE - Tuesday 20 January 2004
VENUE - The Black Dog, Chilmark
SPEAKER - Stephen Archer
SUBJECT - Budget Statement & Business Tax Returns


It's not often that one can enjoy a "talking to" from the taxman but Stephen Archer managed to achieve the right mix of humour and information.

A thoroughly fascinating tale of how to keep on the right side of the Inland Revenue. To condense Stephen's talk into a few words "Be reasonable - be consistent".

The evening concluded with a superb meal (as usual at The Black Dog) and some good networking.

DATE - Tuesday 18 November 2003
VENUE - Penruddock Arms, Dinton
SPEAKER - Speaker from Shelwork Industries
SUBJECT - Employing the Disabled

DATE - Tuesday, 16 September 2003
VENUE - The George Inn, Longbridge Deverill
SPEAKER - Mark Griffin of MacLachlan's Solicitors of Sherbourne.
SUBJECT - Speaking about business terms and conditions and debt collection.

DATE - Tuesday, 15 July 2003
VENUE - Bush Farm at West Knoyle
SUBJECT - Social Event-

Tuesday 15 July 2003, the WRBC held its annual social event at Bush Farm Bison Centre in West Knoyle which is owned by Pepe and Colin Seaford.

28 people turned up to enjoy a superb BBQ which included some very tasty Bison burgers

Everyone was given a tractor/trailer ride around the fields to get a closer look at the different animals on the farm, these included Bison, Elk and Canada Geese.

Visit the Bison Centre web site at www.bisonfarm.co.uk


DATE - Tuesday, 20 May 2003
VENUE - The Black Dog at Chilmark
SPEAKER - Roly Frost.
SUBJECT - Presentation Skills -

Roly an accomplished speaker and trainer, gave a fascinating talk on how to make the most out of any presentation opportunity.

DATE - Tuesday, 18 March 2003
VENUE - The Emblems Restaurant.
SPEAKER - Justin Allison.
SUBJECT - How to win sales and influence people -

Justin showed several examples of his work to illustrate how to put over a message to potential customers.

DATE - Tuesday 21st January 2003
VENUE - The George, Longbridge Deverill
SPEAKER - David Ridley. - Solicitor
SUBJECT - Employment Law -

Tuesday 21 January 2003, David Ridley from Whitehead Vizard, Solicitors, gave a talk entitled a Brief Insight into Employment Law, going through the life of an employee from engagement to termination and all in between.

David pointed out the pitfalls that smaller companies encounter in employment legislation, that is constantly being updated. David outlined the main changes in legislation recently and to come.

He also pointed out that some existing laws that do not apply to small firms, will apply in the future. Contact enq@whitehead- vizard.co.uk web site www.whitehead- vizard.co.uk

DATE - Tuesday 26th November 2002
VENUE - The Black Dog Inn, Chilmark
SPEAKER - Yvonne Emmerson-Pearce
SUBJECT - The complete Business service -

Tuesday 26 November 2002, Yvonne Emmerson-Peirce gave a talk on the work of the IIB ( Institute for Independent Business)

Yvonne is an Associate of IIB there are 1,000 associates in the UK. The IIB offers a mentoring service to small firms to supply the expertise that is often lacking in a small business, the majority being financial and marketing guidance. There is no membership fee but charges for 2 days per month = £6-800. contact yvonne@mallarddrake.co.uk.

DATE - Tuesday 24th September 2002
VENUE - The Lamb at Hindon
SPEAKER - Caroline Cavaner of Zest Marketing
SUBJECT - Marketing talk -

DATE - Tuesday 2nd July 2002
VENUE - Yapp Bros., Wine Merchants, Mere
SUBJECT - Social event - wine tasting