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The Home Page and the Area Pages
When you first enter the web address you will be viewing the home page. This has a set of navigation buttons on the left of the screen and an interactive map in the centre. By moving your mouse over the map the parishes in each area are revealed below. The map is interactive, you can click on the map to go to your local area.

Local Area Pages
From your area page, you can find information local to you. On the right of the screen are three drop- down selection boxes. The top box allows you to search categories of local information. So, you can look up the local transport information in your locality, etc. The second box enables you to search the diary for events in your parish and the third box brings up the local news. OK, once you are happy with the area pages return to the home page. To return to the homepage, simply use the back button on your browser or click on the logo in the top left corner of the web page.

Site Navigation Buttons
On left of the home page, you will see the four site navigation buttons, entitled SEARCH THE SITE, CREATE A SITE, READ THE NEWS and WHAT’S ON. If you pass your mouse over these buttons they change.

Searching the Site
First click on the SEARCH THE SITE button. You will be taken to the advanced search page. Here you can select various options to search both the online diary and every website that has been created. Try entering a word in the box at the top of the right hand column – try entering the word snails. Then click the arrow button next to the box. This should take you to any web site containing that word. If you look below the keyword search box you will see three other boxes. If you select an area or a parish from the drop down lists and then select a category – say Transport and click on the search the site button below your results will be displayed showing the area or parish results at the top of the list with district results afterwards. This enables you to focus in on a very local area. You can also choose how many results you would like to see on screen; from 10 to 35. Simply click on the drop down arrow to select. The diary search works in the same way. Cool! You can now search the site for the information you are looking for!

OK, get back to the home page (remember just click the logo — top left of screen) and we will look at the other site navigation buttons.

News and Diary Screens
We will skip the CREATE A SITE button for now. Lets look at the READ THE NEWS and WHAT’S ON buttons – these will bring up our online news and events service. All of the entries included have been created by users of Click the READ THE NEWS button. A new screen is displayed showing the news stories submitted by users. You can see local stories first by selecting your parish from the box on the top left of the screen and you can read the full news item by clicking on the more info icon just below each item. Navigate back to the home page and click the WHAT’S ON button—a new screen appears showing a list of events and activities, organised by our users. You can search the list by date or area, to home in on events near you— very handy if you are looking for something to do at the weekend!

OK, that’s lesson 1 over. Why not go to and try it out.

Alternatively, go straight on to Lesson 2

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