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Tutorial 2006

Lesson One

Lesson Two

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Registration image The Benefits of Membership
Anyone in the world can use www.southwilts.com to search for information. However there is a lot more to the site than that. You can create your very own web site, create news items and add events to our diary. In addition you can set up a mailing list so people interested in what you are doing can get in touch with you. If you want to take advantage of this fantastic free service, you must register your details with us and agree to our terms of conditions. There is nothing sinister about this but we do have to have a way of regulating the site.

To Register
To register, go the to the home page at www.southwilts.com and click on the CREATE A SITE button. It all starts here! The Login Screen will then appear (pictured opposite). As a new member you will not have a login or password, so at this stage you are interested only in the JOIN NOW box. Click the arrow attached to the bottom right of the box and a further screen will open. This next screen sets out the terms and conditions of use - it looks daunting but a lot of it is standard stuff. All our must users accept these terms. Use the side scroll bars to read the conditions and then click on the arrow at the bottom of the terms and conditions. A further screen will appear - this is the online application form.

Completing the Application Form
Please fill in the application form. You will see some boxes marked * these are compulsory. You will be asked to select a parish. If you would like your page to be viewed from all areas select all parishes. You can only use the all parishes facility if your service, or information will be of direct use to people in other areas. So please do not select all parishes if you are setting up a site for the village football team. The site administrators will check this before your application is approved. At the bottom of the form you will be asked to enter a User ID and password. The question marks provide additional help on this aspect of registration. Click the question mark and information is displayed on the left of your screen. Enter a user ID of your choice it could be your name, the name of your club anything. Please do not insert spaces into your User ID or password. Best to keep ID and pass- words simple and memorable - make a note of them and keep them somewhere safe - you will need them every time you login to work on your site. Once you have filled in all the required information, you simply click the arrow beneath the form to submit your application. A message will be displayed on screen confirming your application has been sub- mitted. If for any reason you have omitted some required information you will be taken back to the application screen to try again.

That is as far as you can go until you receive an email from the site admin team confirming your User ID andpassword are both live. That might take up to 24 hours to arrive and very occasionally longer if you apply at the weekend. Most applications made during the nor mal working week are approved much faster than that. So check your email regularly. Data Protection Community Web is a not for profit facility established by the South Wiltshire Strategic Alliance, we do not supply your email address or details to any third parties. However, we do store the data on com- puter and by submitting your application you have confirmed that you are happy for us to keep your information in this way. We will use your email address to contact you about the site with news of im- provements and updates and other matters in which you are likely to be interested. We may also contact you from time to time to find out your views on local issues - there is no obligation to respond to our surveys but it will help us to improve the site and give valuable infor- mation to the public sector organisations that have created the site. Click here for a copy of our data policy. As soon as you receive an email from us confirming your User ID and password are live you can start building your own website!

Congratulations and welcome aboard!

That is the end of lesson 2, move on to Lesson 3