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The Taoist Tai Chi Society is a UK registered charity providing weekly beginner and regular classes throughout Great Britain. The Society also offers workshops and intensives at regular times throughout the year.

The Society is run by volunteers and is a non-profit charitable organization bringing Taoist Tai Chi and other health promoting Taoist arts to the public. The Society is the largest non- profit Tai Chi organization in the world, offering classes at over 700 locations in 24 countries on five continents.

Taoist Tai Chi is a form of Tai Chi specifically aimed at cultivating health and vitality, developed by Master Moy Lin-Shin, a Taoist monk trained in the teachings of the Earlier Heaven Wu-chi sect of the Hua Shan school of Taoism He synthesized the wisdom he learned in more than 50 years of training in meditation, chi-kung, martial arts, and other Taoist arts into the practices taught by the Society and its sister organizations. Master Moy passed away after a brief illness on the morning of June 6th 1998. His obituary and photograph are available on the International Taoist Tai Chi Society website. This website offers information about whats happening in Great Britain for more information about the Taoist Tai Chi Society please check out the International Taoist Tai Chi Society. The website offers information about our Society, its activities and history, the art of Taoist Tai Chi and Master Moy. The World Directory or the Great Britain Directory will help you quickly locate the branch nearest you. Catch up on the latest news or check the diary for forthcoming events.

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