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‘ENGAGE’ Training and Recruitment.
One took up an open invitation to hear about a scheme originated by, and being successfully run at Salisbury Hospital for all of a couple of years now. One which now is putting in an appearance at other Hospitals. There was a need for more helpers, persons who after initial training and CRB checks would have mentored access to the Wards, with the intent of talking to any of its patients, who thought they would like to have a visitor to talk with. Apparently many are so minded!

I didn’t apply to join the recruits, because the only matters I feel competent to chat about are verboten, i.e. Governance and Apostasy in General. Further more one wondered whether one would better participate as a beneficiary , than helper . Despite a personal allergic reaction to those ‘Passes’ people hang about their necks, undoubtedly such visiting is mutually beneficial, and to be recommended. I avoided appearing in the photograph, but have nicked a copy off Twitter. Not sure how many men may have been recruited last Wednesday, for there was but one such potential recruit in the photo, amidst a predominance of ladies. Some of whom were retired Doctors and Nurses, persons who recognise there is a need for the ‘Engage’ Programme. As usual I am speaking out of turn, however the schemes co-ordinator Tora Mathias-Jones tora.mathias-jones@salisbury.nhs.uk would be the one to speak with if interested in helping out. {If need be copy and paste}

One hears tell that the Pembroke Centre of the Riding For The Disabled at Wilton always welcomes helpers. ( Try Jane 01747 870326. For information).

The child actor posed in the photograph taken at the Pembroke Centre of RDA, appears by permission of ‘Creighton Berkley Productions, who signed her up on the basis that her great grandmother was at one time ‘The Face’ of Nestles.


Great to read in Focus that the Brocante paid for itself, and was enjoyed by one and all. My wife acquired a delightful teapot off one of the stalls. Its design of a sort one exhibits rather than actually uses. Well done all who worked on the project, however as already mentioned it is hard to understand what the Tisbury Parish Council thought it was up to when increasing its precept to finance the Brocante. So its great to read in Focus, that none of that the money will be drawn upon. None the less Community Charge Payers of Tisbury Parish, though of course not of West Tisbury Parish, are still having the money taken from our Bank Accounts. By not dissimilar accounting, seemingly no money will be drawn down from the grant made available by Western Area. Successful though the day seems to have been, there seemed to be something of a debacle in the paperwork, for one is advised that despite all information to the contrary in The Parish Council Minutes, the Brocante had nothing to do with the Tisbury Business Association. Who’d better know that than its members on the Tisbury Parish Council.

‘Not a drum was heard, not a funeral note.’ It surprised some on Tisbury’s Eastern Frontier to read of the death of Dr. Brian Dalton, whom our children knew as The Garage Doctor, for his Elizabeth Hall Surgery seemed if only externally, to be located behind a pair of Garage Doors. Some years since Dr. Dalton became a Parish Councillor and the Chair of Tisbury Parish Council, and was considered by some an hazard on The High Street, as he on his bicycle sped to Church of a Sunday Morning. RIP.
Possibly there has been acknowledgement of his passing at some Meeting of the Tisbury Parish Council, or better mention made in Focus. Who knows when as ever communications are bad. This sunny Sunday morning the notices in the Post Office Display Case are double parked in places.

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