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If Government is incapable of maintaining Law and Order in this country get out of the Kitchen. Possibly Chief Constables should stop twittering on about the evils of alcohol and get back to their appointed task of keeping the Queen’s Peace. This many seemingly fail to do.

No doubt alcohol does play its part, but however reprehensible Alcoholism or other Drug abuse is, both are not merely a sickness but too the symptoms of deeper troubles. The problem is not cheap alcohol ,for the alcoholic will always find money to fund the habit. Will if necessary , do so in all the ways that many Heroin derivative users fund their addiction. One hears tell of Crime and Prostitution, Gangs and the associated use of fire arms. To suggest these problems are attributable to the Alcohol is to beg the question. One suspects that more and more people are using drink as a defensive panacea against the perceived troubles of the world today, than use it to induce drunkenness for its own sake.

As for students and other young persons one may wonder from whence the money comes to finance their Bacchanalias . Some pay for their hooch from Student loans, others may be in receipt of ‘Benefits’. Clearly there is a case for regulating such financial benevolence. Of course others work hard and earn their money.

There has been too much easy money sloshing around for too long. One hears to day that the National Debt is now on a par with the National Income, depressing news for many. Every month the proprietors of my credit card send me two open cheques with the invitation that I use them for what so ever. Prince Ondongo ‘the Nigerian Diplomat’ affords me many opportunities to invest all this proffered largesse in one or another of his of his lucrative schemes . Apparently there are people around who take him up on his generous offer.

People tend to drink through depression, poverty, debt, homelessness, marital problems, inequity, disappointment at work or elsewhere and the frustrations of everyday life. If people see no light at the end of the tunnel some might wonder what there is that makes sober participation worth while.

There was a man being interviewed by Ann Widdecombe on the television last evening. Seemingly he had been married to two women and retained use of both , and thereby sired seventeen of eighteen children, ‘having one every year’ said Ann. Apparently she was wrong there , he was having two a year. Lucky chap, unfortunately we were all paying for it. If we as a nation are stupid enough so to do, bully for him and his delightful family. It is however time to call a halt. All one needs to do is abolish unemployment benefits and soon, in miraculous manner all those jobs that no one wants to do; the which are now being done by immigrants, will once again be done by our indigenous unemployed. It is not a selling point to be told that more people leave our country every year than enter it.

IF ANY WOULD BE GOVERNMENT, had the guts to produce a Manifesto that promised to rectify all the disastrous decisions of its forebears, it would be elected with a massive majority. England too would surely recognise that enough is enough.

EXAMINATIONS. One again hears of hugely improved GCSE results, A’s B’s and C’s abound, to such an extent that other categories are as froth on the ocean of the semi literate. Arguments persist that standards are quite as high as whenever, quite clearly they are not. It is a tremendous disservice to let the lower graded students believe that they too are educated to a standard acceptable in business today, for when they have trouble trying to match their qualification to the market place they probably have little success. It seems hardly surprising that some may seek the consolation of drink or other drugs.

If it is a learned profession one is after, school leavers will need straight A’s at A level. Two or three years ago there was a great hoo-ha that a would be Doctor was not offered entry to Oxford on her straight A’s. The protesting public seemed oblivious to the fact that every other applicant was likely to have straight A’s too. I do not doubt the lady went elsewhere and was possibly the better for it.

There was a snippet in the Telegraph yesterday telling that ‘The Tax Payers Alliance’ had identified four hundred and one ‘Non Courses’ at Universities, the which the public purse funded to the extent of forty million pounds a year. Vocational courses use to be done at ‘Technical Colleges’ and very good such places were. Unfortunately they have been made into Universities, many of which send students out with say, ‘BA’ Degrees in for an example Media Studies. On paper such a qualification is no less of a degree than a BA in Physics or Chemistry, but in the real world the qualification is useless so it too may induce disillusionment. It is scarcely surprising if we are failing to train our young in the Practical Skills of life, that such trade vacancies are being filled by an immigrant population. Did I hear on the news this morning that 25% of all live births in this country were to mothers born abroad. I well believe it because I too was of that category.

I do not blame Drink, or immigrants for the problems this country faces. THE BLAME IS TO BE LAID AT THE DOOR OF SUCCESSIVE GOVERNMENTS
which have for many years been unable to distinguish what is right from what is wrong. What is in this country’s better interest and what is not. Further more for too long the Established Church, and many of the others, has failed to offer the leadership that some might expect from any one of them. I am sorry that the Christian Religion is becoming an irrelevance in the bow wave of the Islamic Faith.

In my time I was not only a member of the Conservative Party, but attended both the Catholic Church and later after marriage a Church in the Anglican Communion. I served on Party Committees, and polished Church Brasses , but inevitably I either jumped or was pushed off the pathway that runs betwixt the two. If the former was the case, my reason for departure was that I thought Thatcherism a social disaster, and that both Party and Church were ‘off message’. As anyone who has bothered to read my ubiquitous ‘Blogs’ may have ascertained, I am as futilely ‘Aggressive’ as I ever was. That sobriquet being good naturedly applied to me by the late Robert Adley MP. Thank heavens he never described me as a ‘yes man .

The involvement of particular personalities in the scheme of things is of no consequence, but it is important that we elect the best men or women to Govern us. Quite frankly some leading Politicians of recent years have been next to useless. 23 August 2007.

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