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Station Works Tisbury

A picture for Station Works Tisbury  A Stir

One gathers that Tisbury Parish Council are having some sort of Consultation concerning the Station Works, Old Parmiter Site, owned by the St. Modwyn Property Co. there are those on the Parish Council who would prefer to see yet more housing on this site too, rather than have it retained for local Employment.

A while back the TisVis concluded that the Village had no wish to see Housing at Station Works, but wished it to remain a place of employment. We have a new Estate of Houses at Wyndham Place, so surely there is no call for more houses at Station Works. There was an excellent article in the Telegraph yesterday concerning the housing situation which I commend to you. As ever, thought to put my oar into the Paper's Comment Column. Maybe one sought to 'Catch a Crab' however wrote as follows.

Oh yes plenty of houses for sale, however far too many are overpriced. Contrary to popular belief it isn't the greed of the vendor that causes over pricing, but the fact that those who bought on a rising market need to get their deposit back and too repay the Mortgage taken out on their home. If vendors fail so to do, bankruptcy is forced upon them. This is something that has happened all over America. One notes that seemingly whilst regretting the conversion of brownfields to housing, we are recommended to go on using them. I am unclear whether it is suggested we use them for housing or for the future accommodation of work places. Losing such worksites in the South would be a great mistake. I know that in the village of Tisbury Wiltshire there are some who would see more homes for retirees built on the Jewel in its Crown, The Station Works Light Industrial Site, owned by St. Modwyn Property Company. Tisbury needs more jobs rather than more Retirees. The Village already has plenty of the latter and plenty of New Houses available for them to buy. One suspects that local Retailers imagine that more houses means more trade for them, however nice though it is to have local shops, what the area needs is more employment for the working man.

A picture for Station Works Tisbury  A Stir

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