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Asking Questions Making Statments at Committee

Asking Questions Making Statments at Committee image If you wish to speak at the Southern Area Committee (or any other meeting of Salisbury District Council), then please read the details below of the procedures.

Public Question Time

At the beginning of the meeting, 15 minutes have been set aside to allow questions or statements from members of the public. These questions/statements should not be about a particular item on the agenda (your chance to speak on that issue will come later).

Under new procedures brought in recently, ALL public questions must now be notified to the Democratic Services Unit of the Council by noon on the working day before the meeting is due to take place. A form is available for you to use which can be obtained from the Democratic Services Unit or electronically by e-mailing the Area Coordinator at southernarea@salisbury.gov.uk

E- mail Southern Area Co-ordinator here

It would be useful if this form could be completed and returned in good time, however, if you are unable to post, e- mail or fax the form back to the unit, please contact the Area Coordinator on (01722) 434252 who will take the details over the phone.

Please note that if prior notification of a public question is not given, then it is up to the discretion of the Committee Chairman as to whether the question/statement may be made.

Obviously, the more notice you give, the greater is our ability to give you an answer or response at the meeting, otherwise, a written reply will be made within 10 working days of the meeting.

When making you question/statement, please remember the following:

  • Speakers are restricted to 3 minutes
  • All questions/statements should be addressed to the Committee Chairman
  • Your question/statement may relate to any subject within the remit of the Southern Area Committee (or the particular Committee/body you are addressing)
  • No discussion may take place on the answer given by the Chairman
  • Please remember that the law of defamation applies to any statement made in public, so it is imporrtant that speakers do not make personal comments about an individual

You will find below a link to a pro forma Question Time form. Click the link to view the form (you will need Acrobat Reader).

Link to Public Question Time Form

Planning Applications

If you wish to speak either in favour of, or in objection to, a particular planning application then please read below.

Whilst it would be helpful if you could advise the Area Coordinator (either by telephone, e-mail or fax) that you wish to speak, it is not mandatory.

When the particular application you are interested in is reached, the procedure is as follows:

  1. The Planning officer will make a short presentation to the Committee.
  2. The Chairman will ask if any member of the public wishes to speak against the application - if you do, please make yourself known to the Chairman. You will be asked to state your name for the record and then you have up to 3 minutes to make your statement.
  3. The Chairman will ask if any member of the public wishes to speak in favour of the application - same rules apply as for those speaking against.
  4. A representative (if present) of the appropriate Parish Council will be allowed to put forward the view of that Parish Council.
  5. The respective County Councillor (if present) will be asked for their view.
  6. The District Councillor(s) of the respective ward will be asked to state their view.
  7. A motion will be put forward (and seconded unless proposed by the Chairman).
  8. A debate amongst the District Councillors will take place.
  9. A vote will be taken, with the result being decided by simple majority with the Chairman having a casting vote in the event of a tie.

No further comment is allowed from any member of the public or Parish Council after their opportunity to speak has ended.

A booklet explaining all of the above in more detail is available from the Area Coordinator. If you wish to receive a copy please contact Democratic Services:

Tel - (01722) 434252
Fax - (01722) 434478
E- mail - southernarea@salisbury.gov.uk

E- mail Southern Area Coordinator here