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Executive Summary

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Executive Summary

Executive Summary image Research project for the South Wilts Learning Partnership

Provision of 19+ Training and Education in South Wiltshire

Prepared by Gateway Training Ltd
April 2006

Executive Summary

This report has been commissioned by the South Wiltshire Learning Partnership to establish the provision of 19+ training and education in South Wiltshire.

The main thrust of this project was to investigate the gaps in provision and need; both from the perspective of the trainee – the employee or prospective employee - and employers.

In talking to people seeking skills and training, in the main, we found there was a more than adequate match between needs and provision. In mapping the education and skills training provision in the South Wilts area, we have concluded that there is a wealth of wide ranging, flexible and high quality provision available.

By tracking the funding it is immediately evident that the Learning and Skills Council – Wiltshire and Swindon is the greatest local influencer with the bulk of local funding coming from the LSC.

During numerous discussions with employers about the skills lacking in potential employees (or indeed some current employees), their main concern was a lack of ‘people skills’. In the author’s view this people skills gap is not being adequately addressed in existing education and skills training provision but is a key area for development to ensure the continued commercial success of South Wiltshire. In the Summary below we have indicated (*) the areas where Employers have identified there is little to no focused training provision and where much greater provision of learning is needed.

Summary of ‘People’ Skills Gap

  • Personal time management *
  • Team working skills
  • Leadership – the ability to get the best out of other people
  • Self leadership – the ability to get the best out of yourself *
  • Openness, trust and reliability *
  • Self motivation *
  • Speaking to be understood – communicating *
  • Courtesy – dealing with other people *
  • Building trust – building empathy *
  • Personal development
  • Self empowerment – building self confidence *
  • Building relationships – getting on with people – team working skills *

We have made a number of broad conclusions and recommendations, set out in detail in pages 19 to 21.

Summary Conclusions and Recommendations

  • We recommend that the Partnership actively encourage all local employers and organisations to integrate training in people skills and to ensure they have quality induction programmes.
  • We recommend that the Partnership should promote this induction programme strategy.
  • We recommend that the Partnership should commission the development of three short case studies
  • We recommend that the Partnership should champion the development of a short series of Training Workshops
  • We recommend that the information mapping training provision in the area should be posted on a web-site