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Welcome to Salisbury City Community Area Partnership (Our Salisbury/SCCAP). To see who we are and what we do please use the About us Navigation Links on the left.

“Our Salisbury” has a steering group which co-ordinates activities. The full partnership events and themed groups are open to anyone who is interested in Salisbury. We also have representatives from the police, fire and rescue services, health services, local parish councils (Salisbury and Laverstock) and the Area Board present at our meetings.

Aims of the Partnership are to:

• Promote economic, social, health and environmental wellbeing

• Work with local communities

• Be a “voice” for local people living and working in Salisbury

• Coordinate and move forward the Community Plan

• Create themed Project Groups in partnership with local organisations

• Liaise with the Area Board

Tel : 01722 421747
Email :
Web : view the web site

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