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Donate please

Donate please image For everyone who wanted to make donations at Alfie's funeral, you may remember we didn't really know where to send the money so asked you to bear with us whilst we tried to decide. We have now decided to help the children who live at Naomi House Hospice near Winchester, however long they live there for. Please click on the button below and send us some money which we will collect together and send to them when we raised a decent amount.

Please be as generous as you can; we won't tell Naomi House exactly how much you donated (even if it's only a fiver) unless you want us to. Thank you for your kindness to us in November 2007 and to Naomi House now; we will all remember Alfie and his cheeky grin and if you want reminding then come back to our simple website again by adding to your favourites.

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